Blogs – Are You Following These Basics?

It seems that whenever we surf the internet, we see blogs, blogs and more blogs.  They are everywhere!  Go ahead, test it for yourself and see what I am talking about!  Just type the word blog into any search engine and see what happens.  You will see is millions of results for the word blog.  Because the popularity of blogs is still increasing, people have deemed them as reliable sources of information. This is because a lot of blogs are created by normal every day people.  But in the same aspect businesses also create blogs to increase traffic to their websites. 


What if you run into factors that are unreliable?  How do you go about fixing these unreliable factors?  For starters, it is suggested that all bloggers should adhere to a natural set of blogging rules. These are rules that are not in any way set in stone, but they are basic rules that anyone should follow.  Most of your rules should follow the blogging ethics guidelines as these are a very important set of ethics to follow.  In applying the rules to your blog there are 5 basic rules you should apply to your own site.



1. Check your facts

This is a very important rule and it just makes sense.  Make sure you check your facts before posting anything on your blog. Do some research on your topic and make sure the information that you have is correct. Doing basic research can save you from posting false information.  When you post false information you will look bad and you will lose visitors to your site.  Even after you have posted your blog check and make sure everything is correct. The more you check your facts the better off you will be. This is something I do constantly with what I post on blog.  Information and the internet are constantly changing and we have to move with that change.



2. Think About the Implications

You must always think about the implications of what you are posting about.  Why?  I am glad you asked.  Because once you push the post button, there will be no way to change your words.   If you think what you are posting may cause some repercussions against someone later down the line, do not post It!  I repeat-Do not post it!  It will always be in your best interest to choose your words carefully so as not to hurt anyone's feelings.



3. Adhere To Copyright Laws

This is a plain and simple rule.  Do not click on a site and copy and paste their information into your site. This is totally against copyright laws and can get you into some serious legal trouble.  A lot of people Do not know this, but everything that is contained on the internet is copyrighted. Creating your own information is better by far and will keep you out of trouble and avoid any illegal misuse of copyright laws.  


4. Give Credit

Give credit where credit is due.  This is always a good rule of thumb to follow.  You need to be sure to provide credit to any resources you use.  If you fail to do this step,  you will fall into the rule number 2, copyright laws and you will be deemed unethical. 



 5. Monitor Comments

It is in your best interest to monitor all the comments that are placed on your blog page.  You will want to put limitations on the type of comments your readers are allowed to leave.  Doing it this way eliminates  negative comments or any comment for that matter, that might offend someone or some place and cause harsh feelings because it will be you, not them, who will lose the visitors. 


Even though there are no rules written in stone, these are just 5 common and basic rules that are out there.  There are many more, but I will leave it up to you to do some research and discover which rules might apply to your site.


To your success,


Kathleen Ayers

Wealth Generators Team

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