Branding - Find Your Fit

Appearance and manners, while important, are just the icing on the cake.  Once you have made that first impression, there is a way to brand yourself that goes much deeper. 



You have to deliver your brand with style.  In this business, especially, staying power is earned.  I suppose that is true in all business entities.  It is all about your performance and that special brand that you bring to your business.  By all means, be an individual, but please don’t be individualistic.  Stand out from the crowd.  Stand out for a purpose that is bigger than you.  You have to find your fit whether it is in a particular business or on a particular team that you are a part of as a whole.


Stop and take a look around you.  Look at the landscape of the day.  Now ask yourself, “What can I do better than them?”  “What does the business or team that I am a part of needs more of that I can offer?”  “What is it that separates me from others that are a part of this same business or team?”



I believe that love for the company or team brand has to be synonymous with how you brand yourself.  Whatever you choose, find your fit - basing all you your decisions on your brand, ask yourself if it is good for the brand.   Continue here...

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