Broke As A Joke

Are You Broke As A Joke
Are You Broke As A Joke

Do You Feel Like Your Broke As A Joke?

Every now and then I get a post over
on the blog from a person just starting
out in the industry that starts
with “I’m Dead Broke!” or “I’m Broke As A
And my immediate thought is “So?”
Read what Gina posted.
“To start off I am broke as a joke; looking
for something better than corporate america.
I want to try working as an affiliate; I’ve
signed up with xyz and looked at a few things
on there; some seem interesting, some not.
Here’s what I don’t get.
Do I need a website? How much is this going
to cost? Like I said I’m broke as joke.
Trying to get a leg up! I just really don’t
know where or how to begin.
Thanks again for listening and any advice you
The reply:
I think it’s tough to start a business with
that broke frame of mind.
When you repeat that you’re broke all the
time what’s your mind focusing on?
What you focus on increases, so you gotta get
out of that broke mind frame and focus on more
positive things before you do anything else.”
It’s easy to focus on what we don’t have, but
honestly what does that get you besides more
of the same old being broke?
And the honest truth is, it’s just as easy to
think the other way.
Why not day dream of the success and
prosperity to come in your future? Seems a
lot more pleasant than being broke, it
doesn’t require you actually have the
THING focused on yet, but . . .
It puts your focus in the right direction
to get it.
It’s hard to break habits I know, and it’s
hard to rise above what worries you when it’s
right there smack in your face, but it can be
It will take a little mental discipline and
continued focus, but it will set the path.
Here’s why this is important to your
business, and maybe this is something you
can’t quite see yet.
First, when you’re trying to grow and all you
focus on is what you don’t have you simply
can’t because your broke. You try to get by on what appears to
be the cheapest least risky path to success
and as a result you never get anywhere.
If you just switch that focus to what “could
be” and that vision is exciting to you what
happens now when you’re making decision to
grow your business?
You start to take a stab at that dream, you
put what “scarcity” minded people would
consider risk aside, because that excitement
to gain is more powerful a motivator than the
fear of loss and being broke.
And . . .
As a result you take your first steps into
the real world of an entrepreneur, and
eventually meet and surpass that original
goal you set.
Second, and most people have a hard time
getting this one, but it’s one of the most
powerful ideas that you can make your own and
prosper by . . .
Money is nothing more than energy. It’s a
tool – great if you have some, but it ain’t
necessary or essential. I start my business
on a credit card and dream, and to most
that’s risky, but to me that’s opportunity.
(What is it to you?)
Too many people think of money as a physical
thing, something that’s finite, that takes up
space, and that once you run out your life
is over. Far far from it . . .
Many of the most successful entrepreneurs on
the planet, like Donald Trump,  have gone
broke and bankrupt – $0 and a huge amount of debt, and
made it all back again. Why? They understand
what money really is – just energy that can
always be replenished.
That’s why I never got those guys that would
just horde away the money that they earn as
if they can’t get more. Sure save some,
create a cushion for yourself, but trying to
hold onto it all just never made sense to me.
Money, is energy, a tool to be used to attain
your end. For me that’s mastery of marketing,
for you it may be something totally
different, but it’s a tool to attain that end
and surpass it none the less.
I count my blessing every day I have the
money to pay for new marketing education
because it’s my passion, in other words I
want the knowledge and experience more than
the money and as a results the business
Now the last thing I’ll say here in is this . . .
The bigger your business grows the bigger the
opportunities, the more of them, the bigger
the risks, and the more of them, if you’re
not willing to flex your muscles when
you’re small, you won’t have the strength to
grow big.

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  • Great post, Timothy! You can't get anywhere with a "scarcity mindset". Shared on Twitter.

  • Thanks Austin.

  • Great post. It's important to remember that wealth and success start with a positive mind set. Thanks for making the point so easy to understand!

  • Thanks for the shares and comments,never give up.

  • Very interesting post and as you say it is all about focusing on what you want.  I have been broke and bankrupt but I will not give up and quit.  I am focusing on what I want and I will get it one day.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Great Post! We have got to think differently.
  • Top Member

    Broke is temporary, Poor is eternal. It's a mindset, and you must FOCUS on your dream, your why and see yourself with the money you desire. Make a vision board and look at it daily. Shared your post Timothy.

  • Thanks Ron!

  • Nice share Timothy. The jokes to start the blog off were hilarious. Robbing for "practice". Keep sharing wisdom. Enjoy the journey

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