Building A better Business Part 3.

So where to start?


You are the sum total of many parts of your life.



The following image sets out the parts of the whole self.The%20Wheel%20of%20Happiness.pdf

Your business plans must provide for your wellness otherwise your life will stall and you will find the distraction affecting your business. There is no point marrying your business and loosing your marriage/relationship.

You need to clearly state your objectives for each part of your life. Do you want a partner/wife? What will you do for date nights?

Do you want children? If you have children how much time will you devote to them? How will you keep fit both physically and mentally? Business can be demanding and problems will always arise who will you talk to?


What is the purpose of your business? This isn’t to make a better widget. It is the reason you will come to work each day and that your staff will want to be their with you. It is the game you will play.


So you have decided to invest your intellect, your time and your money in the business. Your capital! Has it a value? Does it have a value to your family and community? What would these investments mean if you put them back into your family? What strategy will you need to continue to provide for you and your family physically, intellectually and spiritually while you grow your business? Can you afford to neglect them?

Equally as you grow your business you will accept new people into your community, your extended family. How will you provide for them in the same sense? Your staff need to grasp the spirit of your business, to belong in it and see their contribution to it.


My spirit is about CARING. I care about the people close to me and that includes my customers and staff. I SHARE openly in all aspects of my life from my smile, my hugs, my knowledge, my time, my positive attitude, my belief that everyone is created whole and can be all that they dream of being.

My philosophy is:

“I believe that my soul is a chip of God and I want to return it in better condition than I received it.”

What is your Philosophy?

How will you share it?

How will you use it to build your business?

More latter…….

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  • Great information Peter and what an inspiring attitude you have.  Thanks for sharing.  Liked and Shared.

  • Great post Peter and love your outlook on life.  Will share for you.

  • Very nice and uplifting post!

  • Thx Sandy & Terri. I'm really enjoying the writing immensely. It wouldn't be happening without your encouragement and the community support . Many thanks

  • Peter this is awesome and shows so much of your inner self. I love your philosophy.  Many blessings!

  • Top Member

    Once again Peter you have an awesome post to share for more to see. I enjoyed reading it and I'm sure others will like it too. Sharing it everywhere.

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