Burn Out How to stop it.

“Living Wealth Coaching. How to beat Burn Out”. 

Peter Gibbins is the “Living Wealth Coach” specializing in Burn Out in relationships at home and at work. 

Burnout is one of the few mental disorders recognized by Work Safe Australia as directly caused by too much work and it contributes to a $20 billion "stress bill" businesses foot each year 

“Living Wealth coaching” is a program of Direct Advice that provides focus for sophisticated men & women on their issues of significance with money, health and relationships at home and at work.

Burnout and stress are related, but they’re not the same.

Burnout is a type of career depression caused by a feeling of powerlessness. Issues may be causing stress, but stress doesn’t always lead to burnout. Stress is the condition where your body is overly taxed. There are too many conflicting issues to address or you are constantly dealing with threatening situations. Stress passes, burn out stays.

When burnout occurs, the individual feels powerless, overwhelmed, depressed, dispirited, no motivation, and no sense of control over events. It can feel like King Canute who stood at the water’s edge commanding the tide to turn. You are wading waist deep in water but on dry land, you can’t open your email without an adrenalin rush and wanting to rush out the door. Your mind is filled with negative questions but no answers that keep on playing no matter what is happening. These thoughts can constantly set off the brain draining chemistry that comes with fear.

We have six CORE needs for a satisfying relationship whether at work or at play. Certainty, Variety, Significance, Connection, Growth & Contribution. These contribute to the relationship cycle and longevity through the Spring of Connection, the Summer of Contentment, the Autumn of Creation and the Winter of Reflection. Learning the art of weaving the spell that brings them all together is the soul of a relationship. Burn Out breaks the spell.

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  • Thanks girls for your support. It is an insidious problem that can be fixed.

  • Thanks for sharing this information regarding Burnout Peter.  We all tend to run into it from time to time.  Liked and Shared.

  • Hi Peter, great PR, thanks for sharing, very helpful information, i'm sure people get so busy and have so much going on that the stress build up in many areas of their life. 

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