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As a network marketer that has been in the industry now heading into my 4th year, I have been educated by the industry in how to survive and progress with time. The mistake most people who attempt to start a home based business is to run after the make money fast offers, or get attracted to the programs that fail or never develop. Let me share a true business experience, I found the affiliate marketing program SFI ( Strong Future International), the company which is a marketing group located in Lincoln, Nebraska was started in 1998 and is headed by Gery Carson a marketer in the industry since 1985. The training helped me to be success but the problem was the 40 people I attracted to my affiliate offer would not access the training to develop a strategy of how to make SFI work for them, which lead to a dead downline. 

But as the saying goes success continue even after failure,  the unique thing about the online marketing industry is that the boundaries or international which you would think make it easier for people to be successful, but most never become successful. The key to SFI success is the different opportunities that are available for entrepreneurs or businesses looking to expose their earning opportunities or products, and members also get a product marketing store, and product auction site as well as an E-Commerce Associate offer which enable you to sell anything you have to offer on a customize website.

It's funny how there can be something that is valuable, in front of you and you can't see it's worth, what I'm talking about is the opportunities in the home based business industry.

 People are struggling trying to find work,  and all they have to do is use their common since to find work, in 2011 I started attempting to develop a home based business, by trying some of the affiliate marketing companies online. 

One with potential and success  is SFI, which has been in business since 1998 and enable affiliates to build a home based business earning commission from product sales generated by advertising, E-Commerce referral sales, product auction offers, SFI also train you how to develop a business using it resources.  


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