Business In A Small Town

It is very hard to move to a small town and try to help the town grow. The small downs do not like for others to come and try to help.

 One example: 

 My relatives saw a small town that they could setup  jobs for folks who do wish to work. Place to eat great food. Place to have entertainment on the weekends. This town doesn't have much at all.

My uncle even loaned his employees money to help them out. They just had to pay it back when they got their check.  The employees were treated good by my family who owned the business.

People saw them at the police station or out of their business and just started lies about them true or not no one cared. 

The cook acted like she was in control of the other workers and servering what she wanted not caring what was on the menu half the time. 

The other business folks started trouble for them because they were taking their business and one of the ladies sold them the building end up starting a new business all because they came into town and she was causing them problems. 

People messing with cars and employees taken alot of food while relatives left them in charge for a day. 

My family even served free food every thanksgiving. Gave to the police,fire station. They helped anyone in need. They even took food to folks who could not get out of  the house.

Things like this is why small towns don't grow. 

Well that's how I feel anyways.

I moved to a small town here in Okla and I got treated like I didn't belong here and I'm nice to everyone. It took me to go to another town to find a good church to be in. 

It's very sad, we are all here to grow with the Lord and it should not matter if you grew up in that town you move to or not. We are here to help one another. We are all brother's and sisters.

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Thank You and God Bless
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