But They Showed Me a "Proof Video"

You wanted proof and they gave you exactly
what you wanted. They showed you how
much money they were making and you were
in hook, line and sinker.
But what happened?  With all the proof, the
deal still didn't work for you.  This sound familiar?
Of course it does. Have you heard of the 98% of
people who fail online?  This is the truth.
Don't get me wrong, there are folks who finally
break into the 2% of people who are making
money head over heels. So why do people keep
trying to make money online when the know llthat
there is a 98% failure ratio?
Hope is the magic word. The hope of getting out
of a rut. The hope of being able to help your family.
The hope of being able to pay off debt. The hope
of being able to take great vacations. The hope
of just doing whatever you want.
Here's how to break into the 2%.
If you think it's going to be a fast track to success,
think again. It's not a bad thing to succeed over
Some of the things to consider are:
1  Learning to make workable plans
2. Learning the art of marketing
3  Learning how to handle success
4. Learning how to invest money
5. Learning the importance of paying off debt
6. Learning how to stick with a plan
Believe me, the 2% know these things and more.
In order to make it online, it takes skills in the arena
you're working.
These skills can be learned but like a "real job," it
takes time to learn them.  Success isn't overnight.
The truth is most people are looking for bill paying
money. They are not looking to get rich.  Just look
around. There are more small business owners
around than big giant corporations.
The folks who care about offering a good product
or service can make a living offline and online. They
understand what people want and find a way to get
it to them.
In a video I just recently produced, i share some of
the insights about what you can do to start your
journey to making "bill paying money." It all starts
with taking the first step.
No promises, no big claims or fancy proof videos.
To me, if a project is not simple enough for a person
understand with the first step, its not worth looking
any further.
Here's the link to the video. 
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  • Good post Ced, off to Twitter and IBOToobox.  Thanks for the guidance.

  • Excellent Ced post and I am always wary when I see those type of ads.  Great advice and as they say Rome Wasn't Built in a Day !!

  • This is really interesting and helpful article Pastor Ced.  You always lead by example and are always there to offer a hand up to others.  Thanks for sharing this amazing article.  Will share for more to see as well. 

  • Top Member

    Ced I had to post this on the Syndication Express blog because it will get super duper exposure for people to read and understand the message you have in this post.

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