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Gold and silver are always safe investments in times of trouble, and in the current climate of economic downturn gold and silver have come into their own.

Another reason why gold and silver are increasing in value is the rise of China and India. Their rapid economic growth and the emergence in both those countries of a “new middle class” are both conducive to the increase in demand for precious metals.

In those circumstances it can be quite difficult for the average person with only a small amount of cash to invest and build up a sizeable portfolio of gold or silver.

However, this situation has created an opportunity for some Internet marketers. While the price of gold has shot up, silver is rising more slowly and is, of course, much cheaper to buy per ounce than gold. Some Internet marketers have responded by starting network marketing companies that deal in silver.

The selling point of those network marketing companies is the promise of “free silver” for anybody who can “recruit a team” of people who are looking buy small quantities of silver coins or one ounce silver bullion bars every month, or who want to recruit others to the business. Once you get three or four people to buy into the network, you effectively get commissions in the form of “free silver”.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of drawbacks to this model. For a start, the cost of buying silver through a network marketing company is usually higher than the price you would pay if you bought your silver from a traditional trader. That means that affiliates of silver-based network marketing companies have to try and find customers willing to pay prices that are way over market rates, or sell the promise of “free silver” in the hope that buyers will also become team-builders.

More than 9 out of 10 people will fail to sell a single thing even if the sales materials are top-notch.

Secondly, to build an active team and enjoy the rewards of “free silver” you are going to have to work hard and be persistent. Yet, most people join network companies in the hope that sales will look after themselves and that they can “make money” on other peoples efforts and the “spillover” structure of the MLM company.

There must be a better way for the little guy to build up a collection of silver, slowly and surely, at reasonable price, without getting burned or having to run a full time business…

There is one network marketing company that is free to join and that offers just such a possibility to its affiliates. I’m talking about Strong Future International and its offshoot, the Tripleclicks garage sale website.


1. The Tripleclicks website now offers one ounce silver bars and US Silver Eagle 2011 coins at very reasonable prices.

2. You can bid for silver coins and bars on Tripleclicks “Pricebender” auctions. Please note, however, that Pricebenders is only cheap if you win! Bear in mind that each bid costs around 30cents and eke out your bids accordingly. As a small motivator to bidders, each bid wins you Member Reward Points (MRP), which can be traded in for… silver bars and coins!

3. MRP can be spent on the Member Rewards section of the Tripleclicks site,

4. You can search for “silver” on the Tripleclicks site. I recently made contact with a seller on Tripleclicks called “Spectrum S” who sells silver coins and bought a couple of coins from him…


If you are an SFI affiliate and not just a TripleClicks buyer, one advantage of buying silver from other sellers on the site (instead of directly from SFI) is that you will be rewarded with “VersaPoints” (VP). Accumulate 1,500 VP in a month and you are upgraded to “Executive Affiliate” status, and qualifies you to earn much bigger commissions on your downline purchases.

==> Caveat Emptor! Remember to take care when buying precious metals. If you are not aware of current prices, you may end up paying over the top, especially for coins. So please exercise due diligence before you buy from private dealers. Tripleclicks does not police the prices charged by its sellers.

However, when you purchase something through Tripleclicks, the seller only receives your money when a successful delivery has been reported by the buyer, or ascertained by the SFI staff using the tracking details given by the shipping service.

To conclude, if you are thinking about building up a portfolio of silver coins and/or bullion bars, I suggest that you look at SFI’s Tripleclicks website, compare prices, and proceed as appropriate..

Gold and Silver

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