Can Do vs Will Do

What’s Driving You??

In the world we live in; everything we do is based on our mind-set.  Whether we choose right or wrong the state of mind that we are in at the point of decision determines our outcome.

When I first started thinking of entering business for myself, my state of mind was “I Can Do This.”  No, I had not done anything like this before nor did I have any personal connections to anyone that could do it for me.  Therefore, I had to decide that I was going to do it for myself.  In the beginning it was a little rough as I was making a path for myself in a new area (talk about culture shock!!).

Things started off a little slow and I was not seeing the results I had hoped for initially. I started thinking the easy thing to do would be to quit, give up, walk away from it all or return to what was familiar.  Sometimes in life we allow our current circumstances to dictate how we should live.  We let our problems or other influences rule the day.  However, there comes a time when you have to put aside what was and go for what you want to BE!

Adopting an “I can do attitude” sets the stage for accomplishing everything you can imagine. It may not happen for you exactly how you plan it out but staying positive and driving forward has its benefits.  However, having a determined mind set means nothing without putting action behind it.  Here enters “I will do” stage left.

I will do proves that not only do you have the mind-set to succeed. You have now partnered with courage to go after your success.  Knowing that success can’t be completed without “U.”

To all of my fellow marketers whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie just jumping in.  Connecting I   can do to I will do is the jump start that you need every morning to keep the ball rolling be it rain or shine!

~ Living Every Day With Purpose 

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  • What an awesome post. I couldn't agree more and relate. We've all been there and have felt like walking away, giving up or moving on. Sometimes you have to know when to dig your heels in and fight for your Dream. Liked, tweeted and shared on Google+.

  • Great read Latresse, and great tips and advice.

  • Thanks for sharing 'Can Do vs Will Do'   Really made me think about what you wrote.  It is so true re the differences between Can do and Will do.  

  • This is such an awesome message to us all. I feel your right when about having that Can Do attitude and like I always tell my son, I don't wan to ever hear you say that you cant. This reminds me of a friend that I have that is in a marketing business. He came to me and asked me for some advice of why he wasn't successful and that he was doing affirmations and they wasn't working. I looked at him and said do the affirmations in front of me. He did them and I stopped him in his tracks. I looked at him and said you don't have a failure is not an option mindset because he was saying affirmations but his physiology said a different story and this is why you cant just affirm, you have to change your whole body, facial expressions, you have to mean what you say. I congratulate you for not giving up on your dreams an realizing that there was a better route to go when it came to reaching your dreams.

  • Great article Latresse.  Having a Can Do Attitude and Spirit will help you to overcome all the challenges.  Thanks for this great advice.  Liked and Shared.

  • Top Member

    Having a burning desire and determination is all good. However you MUST TAKE ACTION!! Awesome first post here LaTresse and I have shared it for many more to see. I wish you much success in all you do.

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