Cash Flow Solves Everything

Do You Have Cash Flow Problems?


The truth is people do not have BIG problems they simply have small cash flow.  I don’t care what anybody may say.  I don’t care who may disagree.  The truth is CASH FLOW solves everything.  Cash flow solvers problems.   Again, people don’t have BIG problems they simply have small cash flow.   Think about the last time you had a conversation with a friend who was sucking your very energy with all his ‘Whoa is me’ My-problems-are-so-friggen-big drama.


Just pin point one of his problems he shared with you.  Now, imagine your friend having lots of cash flow, yes, lots of money.  Do you think whatever the problem was that he was draining your energy with could have been solved?  I bet it could’ve.   Think about your own problems, no matter what they are…


Do you think you could begin to solve your problems  and end many of them if you had moremoney and cash flow?  I’d bet you could.



In fact, I know you could!

A whopping 90% of divorces are due to financial problems.  Yes, lack of money.  Little Cash Flow or no cash flow.   So I am safe to believe and preach that money –yes, cold hard cash– can save marriages.

There’s not a marriage counselor today and not even the Queen Oprah herself that can compete for having saved more marriages than a nice steady consistent cash flow increase.

Cash Flow solves everything.

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I dare say a new and consistent cash flow pipeline pumping cash  into newly wed’s bank accounts  would drastically drop the divorce rate down in America.

Statistics say most couples fight about MONEY.  More specifically a LACK of Money ans cash flow.

Pump more money into the household, increase there cash flow and all of sudden you have a HAPPY marriage.

Yes, in many cases and I do mean many, cash flow solves everything.

And don’t think for a minute that money can’t ‘buy’ health.  I happen to know a friend who he is thankful every day that he makes enough money to purchase his medicine for the horrible disease he has.  He has told me over and over again that if he didn’t have the cash flow you wouldn’t be able to afford half his medicines needed to keep him going and working and that government resources would only provide him with less effective generic brands.

Yes, I know… That’s said.  But it is what it is so we have to make sure we have BIG MONEY so we will have small problems.

Let me share this humorous story from my Dad’s pulpit.

Oral Roberts (the Faith based healer), Jim Bakker (mega preacher) and Billy Graham all died and went to Heaven.  St. Peter opens the door and asks, “What are ya’ll doing here? “

Oral Roberts, Jim Bakker and Billy Graham say, “Well we died and we are ready for our mansions in the sky.”

St. Peter looks down at his clipboard and then, “Well listen your mansion won’t be ready for another 3 days.  I know it is hot and stuffy down there but do you mind just waiting in hell for a few days?”

The preachers did not mine and went down to hell to await their mansions. 

Three days later St. Peter hears a hard loud obnoxious knock on Heaven’s gates, and opens the door.  There stood the devil.  He asked, “What do you want?”

The devil said, ” I want you to get those three guys from down there!”

St. Peter said, “Why?  They’re just resting until we have their mansions ready.”

The Devil yelled, “Resting my butt!  Oral Roberts is trying to heal everyone.  Billy Graham is trying to convert everyone.   And Jim Bakker is trying to raise enough cash flow for an air-condition!”


Friends, just know and keep this in mind:  You don’t have Big problems you have small cash flow.  And be of Good Cheer!  There’s ways of cranking out Cash Flow!


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  • Thanks for your comment Sandy!

  • So true Sandy,money is not everything but we should make it a priority.

  • This economic situation we have been struggling with has hurt a lot of people because they had so little cash flow.  Thanks for this, Timothy.

  • Thanks Terri and Merle for your comments.

  • As they say 'money doesn't buy happiness'  but it sure is a big help !!  Thanks for sharing Timothy.

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    Very good post and I enjoyed reading it. Happy to share this on Facebook and Twitter land.

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