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Christian Music Is Joyful

 I love christian music and wanted to share a few with you. I used to listen to soft

rock or country. Once I started getting closer with the Lord I listen to christian music

 mostly and every now and then I'll listen to classical music. I try to listen to other

 music that I used to listen to alot but I can only listen to it for a few then I have to

 change it back to christian music. This music is the best thing for your spirit. Reading the bible and listening to christian music is what your spirit needs. 

   I mean think about it? When you listen to christian music and reading the bible (the book of life) don't you feel the joy the Lord gives us? There is NOTHIING that gives you greater joy then being close with the Lord. Amen? 

   When I was young I went to church in san diego. For new years we went and got to

see Michael W. Smith sing with alot of churchs getting together. This was the first time I ever heard of him and his music. I loved him ever since.

  The one song that I love is OUR GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD. I love that song from Michael W. Smith. He has many songs that are just such joy to listen to.

  I love MercyMe, I can listen to their music anytime. 

 A friend told me about Morgan Cryar one of his songs that I love is WHAT SIN 

 Here is the video for it I would have it setup to play but I can't get it to work that way for me:


 There are alot of christian music that just touches your heart and makes you feel

 so thankful that Our God shows his love for us.  When I start searching for christian

 music in youtube I can spend my day just listening to wonderful words praising  the Lord. It is such a blessing to know he loves us always even when we mess up.

To be honest with you that's how I and many others feel about the Plexus

 Products. It's such a wonderful joy knowing  there is something out there that can help with sickness and diseases. It's a wonderful blessing from the Lord.

Everyone gets sick and they pray they can get the healing they need. No one wants to

suffer any kind of sickness, disease, or any pain. So you ask the Lord to bring something into your life to help you. Well now there is help.

    It's up to you to take the help he brings into your life. Why suffer when Plexus is here to help??

    I thank the Lord for the help for my hypoglycemia, I no longer get the  shakes,my nerve damage and I have my own business now. I will never have to work  for others again and I have a chance to help others. Not just for their health but I want to bless others in many ways. 

  For an example: When I get a chance I want to be able to go to the store or just

walk up to someone at church and say here I would like to pay for your food or just give money to someone who I see that needs it. That's my goal!

That's what I want to start doing this year in fact. Now I know it's not good to talk

about your blessing that you give. I'm not trying to get anything out of it from

anyone except the Lord. I want to please him far as that goes. I'm just saying that's in my heart to do.


Thank you for reading and have a wonderful blessed day

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Comment by Merle Gibbins on January 13, 2014 at 8:09am

This is a lovely post DeAnn and I loved the music video.  Will share for you.

Comment by Sandy Blomstrom on January 12, 2014 at 7:43pm

Hi DeAnn, this is a wonderful post.  We love Christian music at our house, too.  My son, Doug is a drummer in our Praise Team at Church.  And, I agree with you ... it is glorious to be blessed so we can be a blessing to others. I'll share this.

Comment by Terri Pattio on January 12, 2014 at 4:36pm

Yes DeAnn it is wonderful to know that God loves us unconditionally. He will never leave nor forsake us, it is people who turn away from God. He is always waiting for those who turn away to come back to him. Even though some turn away he still looks after them because he loves them. I enjoyed reading your post and thank you for sharing it here today and now I know a little more about you. We have something else in common. Now I am about to share your post on Google plus and other sites so more can read it too. Have a great week and blessings for you always.

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