Connect Please! - Then Pitch

What is Blogger Relations?  Blogger relations is: "The process of connecting with peers and your audience to develop relevant content that illustrates your message and brand through content and responsiveness."

Blogger relations is not all about the pitch, though. You can't just go barging in on someone else's blog and start pitching your wares. You will not be welcome even if your wares are related to the blog.  Not at first, that is.  What you need to do is read, read, and read some more to get the feeling of the blog and those who are posting on that blog. Then you need to start participating and posting yourself. You need to become a part of the "community" you want to pitch well before any pitching goes on.

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  • Hello Kathleen, very good PR, thanks for sharing, very important information that others should realize and fallow, have a wonderful bless week

  • Great post Kathleen. I learn so much when I come here to read. 

  • I so agree with you, great posr.

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    Excellent post dear. I have shared this post to the masses on the web.

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