Creation And The Law of Attraction

Creation and The Law of Attraction is actually the combination of thought and love which forms an irresistible force.

What you are thinking about right now is creating your future life.  This is because you create your life with your thoughts.  The Law is simply reflecting and giving back to you exactly what you are focusing on with your thoughts. 3818709299?profile=original

You see, whether you realize it or not, the Law of Attraction is always working. Positive thoughts attracting positive and negative thoughts attracting negative. Your life is in your hands.  You must know what you desire and then “ask” for it.

To know what you truly want isn't as easy as it sounds.  Besides your physical needs, your mind is also filled with your wants and desires, as well as your “fears.”  Those conscious and unconscious.

Because creation is always happening, it’s important to know “why” you want the things you want.  It’s also possible that what you really want, isn’t what you’re asking for at all. Your conscious thoughts will produce the same amount of energy as your unconscious ones. Also know this; if your thoughts tend to be contrary to one another, you’re defeating yourself.

1. Believe that which you desire is already yours Now.

To visualize that you’ve already achieved your desire is a major step in itself. It’s the “positive thinking” step.  When you focus on having that which you desire, you are creating  positive energy. Then, the completion of your desire is a result of this positive

2. Receive That Which You Desire.

This is where so many people lose it.  It’s the completion of your desire.  You must allow yourself to acknowledge your “right” to have your desires fulfilled.

For most people accepting this will actually be the hardest part. If you consciously or unconsciously feel you don’t deserve what you’re asking for, then be assured that you won’t receive it. If it’s impossible for you to believe you’re “worthy” of having your desires come true, be assured that they never will.

Always be aware of your thoughts.  Realize that you are the master of your thoughts.  Make sure that you “know” what it is exactly, that you want to be, do and have. Then begin to think thoughts of it, this will emit the frequency, and the end result is that your vision will become your life.

Creation and The Law of Attraction says that your thoughts become things.  Because like attracts like, realize that when you think a thought, you are indeed attracting like thoughts to yourself.  This can be used for your good, or for bad.

"You are not what you think you are.  You are not what other people think you are.  You are what you think other people think you are."--Unknown

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