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Day 49 - Wednesday February 13, 2013 6:50pm Pacific Time USA

IBOToolbox Member Count exceeds 67,000 members 

IBO FMOTD: Kathleen Ayers from United States is named IBO Featured Member Of The Day.  Kathleen has been an active member of IBOToolbox since December 20, 2012.  Congrats Kathleen!  You can check out her profile here http://www.ibosocial.com/visions2        

It is Wednesday night.

The Albert Ivor Morin World Directory Project is now available for FREE Directory Submissions if interested in participating simply submit your own entry using the free submission form on our website. http://www.directory.albertivormorin.com/

Looking forward to Valentines Day celebrations tomorrow.  Our family has been invited by good friends to dinner tomorrow to celebrate.  It is good to have loved ones and friends.  I went out with another press release today on IBOToolbox with the subject "Happy Valentines Day !" that is exactly similar to a Blog released today on Fan Box.

Coming soon will be the release of the "AIM - Intelligence Newsletter Series" which will be a weekly series of one newsletter a week.  The series will be 100% free.  A capture form will be designed and the series should be made available March 01, 2013. 

The Albert Ivor Morin Program: http://www.ibourl.com/qde

Many come online looking to make a lot of money quickly and as a result fall victim, become discouraged and often drop out.  I have seen it a million times.  And, very few have what it takes to make it.  For one thing, you need a set of blinders.  Because, regardless of what you do it will take time to build and develop a business.  Whether you are online or offline it generally takes 2 to 5 years.  Depending on the skills one has learned over the years one can accomplish the same thing in a fraction of time but it still takes time and commitment.  I understand that a lot of folks are in some pretty tight spots and they are going to have to make some pretty hard choices.  Our top tier program called little ticket to wealth can be a solution but the bottom line is it's $250 one time plus $20 per month to get involved.  There are many great opportunities out there but all of them don't work themselves.  It takes work and commitment.  It is all a matter of what you want but nothing comes as easy as it sounds. 

The key to any business is to just continue to move forward each day.  To develop a plan full of routines and habits that if followed will take you where you want to go.  Wishing all success in 2013!

The Albert Ivor Morin Program is the most comprehensive and integrated than any other opportunity that I know of.  It is also more versatile than any other business opportunity that I know.  It is not only a growing opportunity but a growing community of networking collaborators.  It is not about one business with limited potential and scope but a funnel business platform where an unlimited number of programs and activities can be integrated.  For those that are creative website designers the face of our program can take on infinite possibilities. 

Below are four different examples of Albert Ivor Morin Affiliated Websites:

Albert Ivor Morin  http://www.ibourl.com/qde

Bruce & Sally Witt  http://www.internetsuccess4you.com/ 

Doug Miller  http://yellowmarketingbook.com/

Sam Antori  http://www.workfromhome-onlineincome.com

Are you taking advantage of doing business internationally with business such as ...

Global Domains International http://www.website.ws/almorin

Stiforp USA - English - http://almorin.stiforpmovie.com/ Stiforp - Russian - http://almorin.STIFORPTV.com Stiforp - Spanish - http://almorin.PELICULASTIFORP.com Stiforp - French - http://almorin.STIFORPFILM.com Stiforp - German - http://almorin.STIFORPDEUTSCH.com Stiforp - Croatian - http://almorin.STIFORPHR.com Stiforp - Hungarian - http://almorin.STIFORPHU.com Stiforp - Swedish - http://almorin.STIFORPSE.com Stiforp - Portuguese - http://almorin.stiforpfilme.com/ Stiforp - Malaysian - http://almorin.STIFORPMY.com Stiforp - Indonesian - http://almorin.STIFORPID.com Stiforp - Singaporean - http://almorin.STIFORPSG.com Stiforp - Greek - http://almorin.STIFORPGR.com Stiforp - Italian - http://almorin.STIFORPIT.com Stiforp - Mandarin - http://almorin.STIFORPMANDARIN.com Stiforp - Czech - http://almorin.STIFORPCZ.com Stiforp - Brazilian Portuguese - http://almorin.STIFORPBR.com   Are you Ambitious?  Creative?  Is it possible to keep your feet on the ground and reach for the stars?

Are you making the best of the opportunities that are available?

You know, it is not just about taking advantage of programs and opportunities but networking, building communities, sharing ideas, being part of a team of likeminded individuals.  It is about learning how to bring your best qualities forward and branding and expressing you!


Have a great night ...

Sincerely, Albert Ivor Morin

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