Dead Broke

How To Start Building Your Fortune Even If You Are DEAD BROKE And HOMELESS....

Go to a local temp agency and get a job that pays by the day until you have enough money to get some clothes and other basics 

Stay at the local homeless shelter and volunteer this will cover food shelter and some community service... 

Volunteer at the local YMCA. This gives you a gym to work out at and showers...

Find a large nondenominational Church and start attending on Sunday. Again Volunteer... 

Do not tell anyone of your plight... 

Find a post office box service that will appear as a regular address for a business... 

go down to the local City office and apply for a business name... 

Register the Mailbox with the name .. 

Now you have a Office (Virtual and a Address) 

Total cost $50.00 

Go buy a Virgin Mobile phone with Buy as you go Minutes.. 

Phone 9.99 

500 Minutes 20.00 

Go to the bank and open a basic business account 

Go to the library and use a computer.. get online 

Set Up a facebook account 


Word Press 


You Tube 



Start prospecting and recruiting via social media.

Go to several good will stores.. or ask which one the rich people donate to... 

Find a nice pair of shoes... 

one pair of Dark Colored Jeans, Three dark Dress shirts and A sport coat. 

Good Will 20.00 

Continue working the Day Job, Work out, stay clean and keep prospecting and recruiting online and now offline.

From here it gets more advanced.. however if you are making $50.00 a day doing manual labor you will generate 1000.00 a month working 5 days a week... 

Staying at the shelter will keep you fed and sheltered.... Volunteering will give you special treatment and keep that roof over your head.... 

The YMCA will be a valuable resource for potential prospects also getting in shape will make you look better and feel better.. 

Church is good for the soul.. Spending time in reflection and prayer can be very powerful and if you are in this situation call in the big guys... 

Also you will make friends in the community, and start building your network.

In 90 days of hustling you'll be building an income and hopefully enough for a security deposit on a room somewhere.. 

in 6 months you will have a car.... 

In 12 months you should be making a reasonable income and be able to upgrade everything.

Form there you push......
Kenneth Melton
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