Direct Opinion vs Expert Counsel!

Do you tend to listen to people’s opinions when making important decisions that could impact the rest of your life?

Or do you seek out expert counsel


Usually the people that are having a hard time succeeding tend to listen to “opinions” vs counsel…

If you feel that this is you, then realize that you have a choice right now to change that. Begin to start hanging around with people who have the success you deserve!

Someone who at one time attended a Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen workshop said that one of the topics they covered was looking for a personal coach.

When you think about it, what are some of the interests where people would actually be looking for a personal coach.

Here are some:

Basketball, Golf, Football, Tennis, Weightlifting, Business Building and Real Estate, just to name a few.

Most people felt that Michael Jordan would be the best basketball coach. For golf, undoubtedly would be Tiger Woods. Why?  Because he’s been through the school of “Hard Knocks.” If you’re thinking about Money, you’d go for Bill Gates or Donald Trump. Real Estate, who else but Robert Kiyosaki, the writer of Rich Dad, Poor Dad.  Motivation and Self Confidence, why not Anthony Robbins.

What is the logic here.  If you intend to be good at a particular skill than you’d better find someone who is well known for being great at that talent or skill.

A lot of people do not realize that playing skills and coaching skills are two different mediums. Vince Lombardi was never a great football player but is an incredible coach.

If I wanted a Real Estate Investing coach, I would look for Robert Kiyosaki. Why?  Because he shows you the comparison between his two mentors.  His Rich Dad and His Poor Dad.  But when it comes to Real Estate, he self taught, but he also learned a great deal from John Burley regarding Real Estate investing.

Be sure you know who you are teaming up with as a Mentor.  Take Michael Jordan the famous basketball player for example. Michael Jordan was one of the most incredible basketball players around, but his coaching skills are not even close to his playing skills.

Tiger Woods was totally awesome at golf. He’d turn heads when he started winning so much at golf. Then one day he decided to fire Butch Harmon.

Tiger fought for a long time to get his swing back on track adding a couple other coaches such as Hank and Sean.  He’s getting it all back together now, but maybe if he’d kept Butch it wouldn't have gotten lost in the first place (Only Tiger knows for sure; “My Opinion”).

So always remember when you are looking for a coach. Always look at  the results of the students. Who has the top students? That is who your coach should be.  Follow a known leader and do as he/she has done.

Another one of those places for some really good coaching or expert counsel could be the “Prosperity Team”, we are here to help you succeed and plug you into a team of individuals all working to better your life in all areas of: Wealth, Health and Happiness!

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  • Sandy, as I too, am in Real Estate as well, I know totally what you are talking about.  For some odd reason, these folks value the opinions of friends and family more than the professional.  But, it still should be the other way around.  Thanks for sharing Sandy.  

  • This is something that we experience in our Real Estate business.  We are professionals and experienced in real estate transactions.  But people do not seek advice from their Realtor.  Buyers and Sellers always seek the advice of family and friends to make a decision.  It doesn't make a bit of sense but that is the way people are no matter what field they are questioning. As Gianmichael warns, you need to be careful to seek advice from those who are knowledgeable about the business or opportunity. Thanks for sharing this excellent post, Angela.

  • Excellent post Angela and really interesting information.  Have shared for you.

  • Thanks Terri and Dr. Gianmichael.

  • Top Member

    No one wants to be labeled as an expert because when they do that then they are saying they know everything. Nice post anyway Angela. Shared it for you.

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