Disecting the Mind of Email Unsubcribers

In this day and age of mass marketing and virtual anonymity, our prospects and customers can be and are sometimes total strangers to us. Why then, do we take it so personally when they “break up” with us via an email unsubscribe? Do you feel rejected when that happens? Do you feel like you've said or done something wrong?

And why are they often unsubscribing en masse? As a smart business person and marketer, how can you keep your customers in love with your business and engaged in your communications? How do you prevent them from jumping ship?

Email can be a tricky marketing practice. It’s not just about the focus your enterprise puts on deliverability, or the quality of the content, or how snappy your subject line is – it’s usually a combination of many of these… and others.

A new infographic from Skadeedle, takes a closer look at why subscribers unsubscribe and what email marketers can do to prevent the digital exodus. Check out this latest infographic to get the scoop on why and how your email subscribers may be falling by the wayside.

You may see something that might ring a bell or something that might bring a solution to your attention. Maybe you will see a mistake you've made during your email marketing campaign.



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  • Great infographic  Jack and never thought of asking unsubscribers why they unsubscribed.   Thanks for the tips.  Will share for you.

  • Great tips Jack. Thank you.

  • Top Member

    Jack this is an excellent post and the tips you shared today is right on.

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