Do You Love A Good Monopoly Game?

First I would like to share  a Business Quote:

"Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark. Professionals built the Titanic." 

Do you love a good monopoly game?

My family and I used to play it alot growing up. One day we went to visit my cousins and we started playing a good and long game of monopoly. We were playing the old fashion game that never ends for a very long time. In the middle we had alot of money for who ever landed on the free parking. At last I was the one who won the free parking. One of my cousins got so mad he grabbed the money and flushed it down the toilet. HAHA that was very funny.

As I was thinking about this game I was thinking how having your own business is a fun challenge as well. Having your own business is an exciting adventure regardless of  what kind of business you have. This is your baby help it grow to something wonderful and meaningful. 

I mean you go to others and talk to them about your business and find out if they would like to invest in your business and have it change their lives as well or they will pass until the next offer is given to them. 

You can build your business so you can have the financial freedom you always dreamed of. You can travel anytime you wish. You can be with your family as much as you want. Your health gets better and no more suffering. You gain more friends with in the company or other areas of your life as your talking about your experiences or your business. 

You get paid 11 ways and 7 levels
you get paid weekly and monthly

And all it takes to have your own business is $34.95 a year

There are so many testimonies about how Plexus has changed many lives. People suffer from all sorts of sickness and diseases and they get the help they needed from the Plexus Products.

Some folks just started Plexus just to have their own business once they see how well its working for people who needed the help from the products. That right there tells you its worth having is when people who don't really need the products go for the business idea of helping others.

When your doing so well with your business the corp office will send you on paid vac trips. On two levels you get a chance to get a lexus and the company pays you for the car for a yr.

Are you tired of suffering? Are you tired of not being able to do anything? 

Plexus products gives you the chance to live your life again!  THANK GOD FOR  ANSWERED PRAYERS!!! 

They have Plexus meetings you get to join and learn more or just meet other Ambassadors. You can learn from each other.

Every Wensday  evenings  there is a Plexus call where you can hear about testimonies from other Ambassadors.  from  6PM   Pacific  
                              (218) 862-7200
          THE  ACCESS CODE: 610844
If you have trouble with the above number you can try (602) 734-2177

Thank you and God Bless 
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  • This brought back lots of memories of very loooonnng Monopoly games, DeAnn.  Thanks for sharing it.

  • Excellent post DeAnn and like Terri I used to love Monopoly.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Top Member

    I was always fond of Monopoly, and loved when I won a game. You could have thought the money was real because I carried on something terrible. Your post was great DeAnn and may you be blessed with continued success.

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