Does It Really Matter?


A few days a go I got up early and went for my brisk morning walk to Yahamacraw Beach. It was an exhilarating walk and I was feeling refreshed and strong enough to break iron. My spirits were up and I was mentally alert and positive .

On the way home I decided to stop at he local grocery store for some breakfast items: bread, milk, fruits and milk. It was all going great until I reached the bread rack... I could not find a loaf of bread with the price on it. I had to choose three different brand and take them to the register to get a price. To say the least, I was annoyed .

This was the fourth time in the last three months I had complained to store representatives about the need to price their merchandise for the convenience of their customers. Obviously, it's not a priority for the owners and managers of the major grocery store. I wonder if customer service matters or simply getting the customer's money!

To add injury to insult, when I went to the cashier, she paid me no attention at all. One cashier was busy chatting with her colleagues while the other was too busy daydreaming. I had to go to a third cashier at the "Customer Service" Desk to get the price of the three loaves of bread and pay for my groceries. Of course I told the representative that the cashiers probably were not ready to deal with customers so early in the day and that may be I should visit the store at a later time.

Have we lost our customer service culture? Check out the rest of this article at my site at www. Come join a business where customer service is par excellent and your health is a priority:

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