Doing Something Good for Someone

Sometimes, a little good can do wonders. Think of a beggar who gets to have a wholesome meal only a few times in a life.

Their happiness - really can’t be measured!


Doing good helps!

And it’s not just because some say there is karma.

All of us sometimes feel frustrated with the continuous challenges of daily life, work conflicts, family problems, stress over money, illness etc.  Depressions and anxiety make us feel sick.  Medication and therapy is not really the solution for these modern day problems. 

You can make a whole world of good by helping others. And that’s not only to that person but also to yourself! Think about this. The art of giving and helping others shapes up a personality that respects others and loves people. It helps you be a person others love and look up to.

Today, a new thought is suggesting an age-old principle for the key to be happy,  anxiety free and stress free life : helping others or doing something good for someone is the way to help yourself coming out of all modern day problems and to be happy.  Doing a good deed for someone, especially people less capable than you, disabled people or elderly people can be a real joy.

When you help the poor lead a decent and respectable life, it gives you a new dimension to your life. Ease off your own worries and focus on the needs of others.   


So, why is it that helping others can ease off your own life’s problems?

When we experience benevolence, kindness and compassion, our negative emotions are pushed aside.  This is the best way to deal with the stress and other problems.

Doing good and feeling good can combine to create an astonishingly positive feedback loop, where we feel happy helping others and feeling good always makes us to do more good deeds.

Donate your time to a local charity, give a couple of hours in a week to them.  You can even donate money and food to charity.  Say good morning to someone. Sometimes a smile is all that they need! Doing something nice for someone without expecting in return anything will always make someone’s day and you’ll just feel so good about it.   Try out and feel proud to help others.

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