Domain - Why You Need Your Own

What is a domain? A domain is a large site on the Net. If you hope to build profitable online enterprises, then a personal domain name is necessary. These are the five main reasons why you need your own domain.

1. Professionalism
A personal domain depicts a professional image. It also projects prestige and credibility.

2. Short and Simple Address
You can create an easy-to-rememberdomain name. It is harder to misspell and easier to brand.

3. Unique Identity
Some search engines do not list replicated affiliate websites because they consider them the same website and do not want them to clutter their directories. However, with a personal domain, you can get your website listed in search engines and this can increase your business exposure and may result in more sales and sign-ups for your business.

4. Permanent Address
With a personal domain, you have permanent, lifetime email addresses, which you never have to change. You can create the exact email addresses you want. For example, . For example, you can create,  or or 

5. Control
You can dictate how your site looks as well as the information it contains.

It is extremely affordable to have your own domain name. You have to do more than just name your site and hope that people will show up. You have to let the entire internet community know that you are out there. In addition, you have to buy and register a domain name and then put that domain on the Web. With your own domain name, you will have your own static IP number. Furthermore, you can enjoy all the benefits that are associated with having your own domain name.

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  • Thanks Terri, Merle and DeAnn for taking the time to read and comment on my post!

  • Hello Nichola, great PR, thanks for sharing, very helpful information, have a great evening

  • Great advice Nichola and totally agree you need this to brand yourself.
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    Excellent post Nichola on why you need a domain name. The main reason is that you are branding your name online. A replicated website or splash page that your network marketing company gives you is branding them. Shared via Syndication Automation.

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