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8519016056_30f451f3e8_m.jpg?width=240Irish Jim wants to know if you live a limited life because there really is no reason why you should. If you are willing to take risks and make changes then you won't live a limited life much longer and you will quickly discover that you really have no limitations.



There is a wonderful quotation from R.D.Laing that says

The range of what we think and do is limited by what we fail to notice. And because we fail to notice that we fail to notice, there is little we can do to change; until we notice how failing to notice shapes our thoughts and deeds.


Why Do We Live A Limited Life


Steve Jobs, the famous founder of "Apple" frequently spoke about why people live a limited life. Just watch this short video where Steve talks on that subject.


In the video Steve says you don't have to live a limited life once you discover one simple fact and that is that everything around you that you call life was made up by people who were no smarter than you. Once you learn that, you'll never be the same again.


To understand in more depth how you have got into the situation where you live a limited life just watch the following video entitle Breaking The Illusion Of Limitations"




So what does this video say about why you live a limited life?

We have all been brainwashed from birth to live a limited life and this has been done so well that we have accepted that we live a limited life by our own choice. We now believe the stories told by the media, the politicians, the education system and a host of cultural and social influences to such a degree, that we have built a fictional shared belief that to live a limited life is the acceptable norm..



 We believe that personal success is gauged in our ability to climb the economic ladder, to collect more bits of paper called money than our neighbors, so we can buy more goods that we do not need. We have been taught that consumption for the sake of consumption is a worthy attribute, because it contributes to the financial growth of the economy. A perfect description of how to live a limited life.





The truth is you cannot maintain infinite economic growth when it is dependent on the finite resources of our world. Why should we have to pay others to live on the land we were born on? These are just some of the reasons that we live a limited life



We have become financial slaves because we are  dependent on the system. Although most believe they are free through the unwritten rules that they unknowingly follow.Because of non stop propaganda, the average guy has come to accept that he is the lowest rung on the societal ladder and he therefore must live a limited life. He never questions those he believes are of higher authority than him. If only he knew that sovereignty comes from the people, not from any institution, regardless of their grandiose claims. You are the highest authority in your life. And so it is up to you to author your own life story so there really is no reason to live a limited life is there?



Falloutofthemiddleclass_zpscf2253f4.jpg?width=250The problem is that people are afraid to break free from their average limited lives, as it means taking responsibility for ones own actions. people generally do not want to wake up from their waking dream as it would shatter what they believe is reality.  This reluctance comes from  fear, worry about never having enough, fear of reprimand for disobeying orders.




The adult elephant tied to a small tree never breaks free because of a lack of physical strength, but because of years of conditioned belief from when it could not break free as a baby. They may live a limited life but at least they feel secure.



To live a limited life is really an illusion that exists in the minds of men and women and so it is only in the mind that independence from it can arise.  Once you understand who you are as a sovereign being, with the unalienable right to live freely, without the threat of intimidation or coercion. Freedom truly is a state of mind and freedom comes down to a choice: Love or Fear. Which do you choose to live your life by? Do you chose to live a limited life or an unlimited one?



Don't Live A Limited Life Make Your Choice


Now that you have been shown that you don't have to live a limited life we really hope that you make the choice to broaden your horizons, follow your dream and go after that unlimited life that offers you so much more to live for.


live a limited life

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Well I hope you have enjoyed the 2 videos we played for you today and that they have helped you to decide not to live a limited life any longer. Be sure to come back frequently for other posts in which we will give  advice and useful tips on how to stay steadfast in your decision to leave the uninformed  crowd who still live a limited life and join the growing ranks of the network marketers who are enjoying their new unlimited lifestyles...



Create an ideal lifestyle

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  • Awesome article James.  Thanks for sharing all this wisdom with us.  No Limitations.  Liked and Shared.

  • Awesome post! That elephant tied to the stick speaks volumes about us as individuals. We have been tied a stick and conditioned to believe that although we are might and powerful we can't break free. Love it!

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