Drink Aloe Vera Gel for Good Mental Health

Sleep is the natural way of removing stress, restoring body’s energy and refreshing it after a day’s work. Any disturbance in sleep pattern or inability to sleep properly due physical or mental health problems can deteriorate health, further. Pure Aloe Vera gel is of great help to insomnia patients. It has balanced quantities of Inositol and plant phospholipids that enhance electrical transmissions between neurons in the central and peripheral nervous system. Taking 25ml of pure Aloe Vera gel before going to bed for some time overcomes the nutritional deficiencies in nerves and improves their function.
Overcome Nervous Breakdown or Exhaustion
Symptoms like anxiety, depression, phobias or hysterical fainting point out to electrical malfunction in the Encephalus region of the brain. Amino acids, phospholipids, Vitamin complex, especially B12, along with other essential minerals present in Aloe Vera gel provide the necessary nutrition and restore the nervous health. People who suffer from such mental conditions should take 25ml pure Aloe Vera gel three times a day for a month and repeat the therapy whenever the season changes.
Improve Mental Efficiency
Aloe Vera gel is rich mix of Vitamins, minerals and vital Amino acid (building blocks of body). All its constituents play their part in the returning the nervous system to good health. The Amino acid, Phenylalanine plays a crucial role in development of neurotransmitters and helps to enhance the mental activity. The Phospholipids enhance electrical transmission within neurons and play a significant role in proper working of the central nervous system. People like students, intellectuals and others who want to improve their mental output should mix 25ml of pure Aloe Vera gel in a glass of water or fresh fruit juice and drink it at least one hour before the breakfast.

Source: http://forevernutrition.blogspot.in

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