Day3-burningCashimage_zps3edab5fe.jpgDo you want to earn residual and leveraged income? Alternatively, are you already on the anti-wealth plan? What is your answer?

“Though painful to say, most people go through their entire lives on what we call the ‘Anti-Wealth’ Plan. Others call it the ‘40/40/40 Plan’. That is, work 40 hours a week for someone for 40 years and retire with $40 in the bank.” Although this may be an exaggeration, it is not far from the truth. The Social Security Board has reported the 85 out of 100 Americans will not possess as much as $500 in savings by age 65. Moreover, only 2 percent will be self-sustaining; the others will have to depend on family, church or the government to supplement their living expenses during retirement.

Should this be the case? Only you can answer this question with a yes or a no. However, there is always another way. The problem with a regular job is that once you stop working the money also stops. Therefore, if you want to achieve real wealth, you cannot do so by trading hours for money. The world’s wealthiest people have known this fact for hundreds of years, that if you want financial freedom, you have to tap into one of the following:

The questions are; what is residual income and what is leveraged income?  Residual income is money that you earn while not working. This money is also called recurring income. Residual money comes in month after month, year after year, after you put a lot of time, effort and money into a job or business to continue to be paid after it is done.

There are several types of residual income such as royalties, subscriptions, advertisements, donations, affiliate links, transfer of rights for percentage of work sold, rental properties, saving and investment programs, E-book sales and more. Nevertheless, the money just does not keep rolling in. You have to put in some effort to continue receiving residual income from the job or business you started. However, you will not have to work at it full time. You can think of it as a part time job that can potentially bring in a full time pay. You need patience and determination to see residual income in the future. With residual income, there is never instant gratification.

Leveraged income is not just about you. Leveraging the efforts of many people can create money through other people’s efforts. There is only 24 hours in a day. Therefore, one can only earn so much through your own efforts. However, you can earn leveraged income in the form of ‘override’ commissions from members of your team in affiliate, network or online marketing businesses.

Additonally, With minimal investment and the desire to learn, you can begin earning leveraged income immediately. You can accomplish this by becoming a business or network marketing home based business owner. Consequently, it is important that you understand the power of leveraged income. As such, you should spend your time creating this type of income because it will be your ticket out of the working life. The sooner you start the better.

“Not only can you earn ‘do-it-once, get-paid-forever’ residual-style income, you also can earn leveraged income on the sales of thousands of other affiliates! If building financial security is one of your goals, you’ve found the vehicle to do it with in SFI.”                       

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