I Was Broke, Homeless and Desperate for the Answer…

Just a couple of years ago back in 2011 I was broke, living in a tent, and desperate for the answer to the dire situation that I had found myself in. It was very real. I’d wake up at 7 in the morning, my tent covered in ice, and have to grudgingly get ready for college that day.


Fast forward 2 years and now I’m living in the center of Manchester with people literallybegging me to take their credit card information and let them join my business…

This is something that you can do.


This is something that is going to give more value to you than the money you’re spending.
This is something that if you get involved in with me today I’m personally going to show you how to succeed.


Whether or not you do succeed or whether you don’t succeed is up to you but if you watch this FREE presentation today here’s what happened to me and it can happen for you:

I started applying the information in this free video and started getting leads daily and have people literally beg me to let them join my business and it was doing nothing but applying the information that you will be learning right now.


Aren’t you sick and tired of not having all the money you want in your life?

Aren’t you tired of the universe not depositing money directly into your bank account?


Check this out and click the photo to actually see the thread. There are over 400 comments in under an hour from people who have ACTUALLY made money doing what I say. You can even click on their profile and ask them.


Click the photo now:

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About The Author: Michael Bowker

Often described as the voice of Smooth Radio or an evil Bond villain - Michael Bowker. I like to blog about hot topics with the occasional tip about business and internet marketing. I can be a little controversial and I have a sense of humor I don't think everyone gets but either way I like to be able to make money while doing what I love as well as teach people how to do the same. Learn more about myself and how you can work directly with me by clicking here.

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  • Great PR Michael and I wish you every success.

  • Top Member

    Michael I wish you continued blessing and success. Isn't it great when you can tell your story and help others too? Your post has been shared dear. Have a great day.

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