Embrace The "FEAR"

Your goal via network marketing is to draw individuals to you; to be a mentor. Their hope is that you can assist them. You attract fellow networkers to you with the promise that you can assist them in reaching their goals. You may "fear" that, once they've committed to you, you may not know enough to fulfill your promise.

Embrace the "fear"!

For those who haven't, relax & take a deep breath. This process is no difference than parenthood. If you're a parent, you've had ALL the on-the-job training you will ever need.

As a parent, your main focus is the nurturing of your child. It is the same as a mentor.

As a parent, you have to put yourself second to the growth of your child. It is the same as a mentor.

As a parent, you will offer guidance that may or may not be effective, depending on the situation. It is the same as a mentor.

As a parent, you have to trust your instincts because all the advice you'll receive isn't a "success manual" to avoid mistakes. It is the same as a mentor.

There will be much "trial and error". You will "fear" that you may come up wanting. This is natural, normal & unavoidable. People make mistakes. As long as you are honest about who you are & your possible shortcomings, people will see your sincerity & respect it. No one is perfect. Don't attempt to be.

You embraced your responsibility as a parent knowing that mistakes were inevitable. Know that, even with a "proven system" to follow, there will be mistakes made & every situation won't conclude as you want.

You must embrace the "fear" and move forward.

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