episode of True Blood season 6

More blood is coming, revenge to kill, and love to abide. True Blood season 6 is approaching and yes, we are so excited to see what the series has to offer. Will there be more death to see, drama to capture and exciting brawl to follows? Or there is new character here that will make the story more complicated yet thrilling? Who he/she is and what else she got inside her pocket. Aside from that, we are also looking forward for the return of the old characters such as Sookie and Bill who from the very beginning are in this show.

We have read and seen different news, scoops and trailers regarding the upcoming season of True Blood. The reason is to alteast ease our pain while waiting for the new season. However, it is not enough in true essence of our craving because what we really are into is to watch, catch every episode, perceive everything about the show since reading or trailers are not enough to give the right justification regarding of a certain episode. But we can do nothing about our wanting because the first episode of True Blood season 6 will only hit our TV screens on the 10th night of June. Quite long wait isn,t it and I know it sucks. But alteast when it airs, no one can stop it instead episodes will continuously air, making sure that we will get enough excitement for the night.

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