Get Your Own Established Traffic Exchange Website!!!!

I have owned this site for over a 8 years now and I used to make a a lot of money but now I don't have time to look after it so I am selling it.


What you will get:

- The domain name

- My Hosting Account if required.

- The entire content of the website including my traffic exchange script

- 6765+ Subscribers

Here is a list of most of the site features. The admin area of the site is absolutely incredible! There is nothing difficult with operating the site & you don't need any experience. Once you know what all the features do & where to find each option you will be able to operate the site very easily!

  • Turn Site On or Off while you perform Maintenance
  • Turn Signups On or Off if required
  • Automatic Surfing contest for daily, weekly & monthly prizes which you set & are automatically awarded to winning members!
  • A progressive surf ratio which you control the frequency & % increase, for example it is currently set up to boost the surfer's surfing ratio by 5% every 20 sites they visit, you can also give a surf ratio % increase for the next day for a certain # of sites surfed which is currently set for a 10% next day increase every 50 sites visited! 
  • Set up your own 'Meta' Tags for the Search Engines from admin area
  • Automatic Approval of member's sites as they submit them. A 30 second timer counts down to make sure it is not a framebreaker & then their site is immediately put into rotation!
  • Manual admin area approval for member's free rotating banner impressions & hot link text impressions on the surfing frame!
  • Access from your Admin Section to full Database backup and Manipulation
  • Set up your Own Promotional Banners of various sizes
  • Members can report bad sites & automatically see a list of the last 5 sites visited!
  • Set up your own Splash pages for all members to use personalized automatically for each member!
  • Sell and Maintain Rotating Banners on top section of all site pages!
  • Add/Edit/Remove your own FAQ Questions and Answers
  • Setup your own Advertising Options and Selling prices! Paypal code for payment is automatically created for you for every option you add! Add as many options as you like in minutes! Alertpay & Safepay payment options are also available & built in!
  • Ability to Ban IP's, Websites, and Email Addresses
  • Email ALL the members of your site right from your admin area! 
  • Ability to change the content on MANY of the site pages (basic html required) via admin area
  • Edit member info, edit or add credits to any member and more!
  • A feature is in place that allows all members to promote free rotating banners & hotlinks on the surfing frame as long as they are an active member!
  • Set the surf frame color, & surf time for each membership from the admin area
  • Member signup automatically sends them confirmation email, completely automated!
  • Set the number of sites members must surf before receiving their join bonus
  • Set the number of credits for joining, referring others & free monthly credits for upgraded members!
  • Custom surf images members click when surfing! You have a set of images already there but you can change them to whatever you like whenever you like! Customize them to fit your site's theme!
  • Allow targeted first page advertisements which members first see when logging in before going to their member area!
  • Set special tracking urls up from the admin area to track any url you wish to promote for perfect advertising statistics! 
  • Edit from admin area the welcome email new members receive when joining!
  • TONS & TONS Of features as you can see! The admin area will blow you away! You are getting the best of all the features that you have seen on many other traffic exchanges out there all in one! You may want to join the site to check out the member's area, surf a bit & see how it all works!


Sure, you can buy some cheaper sites powered by inferior and buggy scripts that will make your members leave in droves for under $50 each. 

But you will spend a fortune in advertising and promotion trying to get anywhere near 6,700+ members. Most traffic exchange owners say they spend $1 or more in advertising to acquire each new member. On top of that, it will take you a several months to a couple of years to reach this number of members you would be starting out with unless you are will willing to spend a lot of money in advertising up front.
And without members you will not be able to sell advertising space and credits and make any real money.  Advertisers want to know how many members they are reaching.

Start your business off right with an established website that already has the members you need to sell advertising space, traffic credits and upgraded memberships.

If you are not sure how a traffic exchange or a downline builder works, then go to the site and signup as a free member and test it out from the Member's side.


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  • Wishing you all the best with this sale and hope they keep it up to scratch.

  • Top Member

    It's a shame that you're selling your TE. I wish you all the best in finding a suitable buyer that will keep it going in a positive direction to grow with even more members joining.

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