Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights

By now you might have started building your presence on Facebook. Now it’s time is to find out where you stand currently. Unless you track and measure your progress, you will not be able to refine and redirect your efforts in the right place.


Go to your Facebook Insights dashboard and study the statistics on the performance of your Facebook Page. The Facebook Insights dashboard shows all the statistics for your Facebook Page. If you have setup the Facebook Insights Open Graph correctly, you would also be able to see stats for your website. The only limitation is that it shows you the stats for the last 90 days of activity. Using Facebook Insights can be very useful only if you can extract practical inferences from the statistics.

Using Facebook Insights Along With Social Metrics Pro


Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights


To make your life a little easier, I have created a nifty WordPress plugin called Social Metrics Pro. It will give you a quick snapshot of your current position. You can use it to track your progress on a regular basis along with Facebook Insights.

The Social Metrics Pro Dashboard will show you the stats about likes and shares on your blog posts and pages. Posts and pages that have had a good social activity will show up as green. Green on a particular post also indicates higher popularity and user engagement as compared to other posts on the site. On the other hand, posts where there is little social activity will show up as amber to red.Where Facebook Insights leaves,social metrics pro takes the rest.

Now Your Ready To Use Facebook Insights Along With Social Metrics Pro

Facebook Insights

Facebook Insights

Now that you know which posts are doing well on social media and which ones are not, your job is simply to turn reds into greens. Use your Facebook Page and start sharing the articles in red with your fans. Create offers. Ask your fans to share and invite others to see the offers. Offer giveaways. Ask your fans to share your content in order to get your stuff. Getting more likes to the posts will help you turn them green on the Social Metrics Pro Dashboard.
Start using Social Metrics Pro and Facebook Insights to track your progress on a regular basis. See what works for you and what doesn’t. Increase your effort on what works you will see impressive results.

To learn more about Facebook insights click here



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