Facts About Thyroid Disease

Facts About Thyroid Disease

Facts and Testimonies

There are several types of thyroid disease. Under-active or hypothyroidism results in a  low production of the thyroid hormone. A decrease in the hormone can decrease mental and physical activity which will eventually result in hair loss,  slow reflexes, poor memory, depression and fatigue. Overactive thyroid, or hyperthyroidism is an over production of the thyroid hormone. This can cause sweating, irritation, nervousness, and a bulging of the eyes.

Graves disease, an autoimmune disorder is one common cause of overactive thyroid. Millions of people have thyroid disease in the United States. Women form the largest  group that is vulnerable to thyroid problems. A problem thyroid gland causes your body to either use energy more slowly or more quickly than it should.  

Here is some testimonies  to share with you:  

Jennifer testimony-When Chris and I got married three years ago, I was a size 2, and weighed 110 pounds. 9 months later, I was diagnosed with thyroid disease with chronic hives and was put on long-term steroids. I gained approximately 15 pounds in    three months and was told by my doctor that weight gain (and difficulty to lose weight) would be an ongoing symptom that I would just have to deal with for the restof my life. Since then, I have gained an additional 10-15 pounds. I attribute part of my   weight gain to happy weight from being married (yes, I love chocolate as much as the next woman), medication, getting older, eating habits. If I didn't get control, I would weigh 200 pounds by the age of 30. Since then, I have honestly tried everything.  

 A few weeks ago I saw my dad and brother posting on facebook about something called Plexus Slim. I'll be honest--I thought  it was spam (sorry daddy!). After seeing more posts then hearing from everyone in my family how skinny my dad had become,  I thought I'd ask him about it. Believe me, no one is more skeptical about weight loss products than me. Anyway, over the weekend he sent me a three day sample pack just to see what I thought. On Saturday morning, I weighed myself and  hesitantly drank the mixture and took the accelerator capsule. I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't taste nasty--   and that I didn't have to change ANYTHING about my day (no meal replacement, no exercise). I noticed all day how I wasn't  craving the sweets and carbs that I normally do, and that my appetite had significantly decreased. On day two, I weighed  myself and couldn't believe that I had lost 2 pounds. I was shocked that in just three days, I had already lost 5 pounds!  Not just that, I noticed that my clothing felt a lot more comfortable and not as tight. For the first time ever,  I was encouraged that I might finally be able to achieve my weight loss goals. Now 30 days has passed and I am down  10 pounds and 8 inches (and 2 dress sizes!!!) This is the best I have felt in years, and I can't wait to see what happens  in 30 more. Thank you Plexus Slim!!  

Amber says ~  I started Plexus in April 2013. I am down 35lbs, and countless inches. This pic is of me with my favorite  skirt from last fall/winter! I wore it 2-3 times a week. I cannot believe how different I look and feel. I have Celiac  Disease, and I haven't had thyroid meds, ADHD meds, antibiotics for my constant kidney infections, sleeping meds,  cholesterol meds, or soda in 7 months!!! Plexus ROCKS!

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