False Evidence Appearing Real

The Daily Meditation 09.12.2013

False Evidence Appearing Real

Ernest Holmes, Our Founder

"Fear not, little flock, it is you Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.” (Luke 12:32)

Fear is the great enemy of man. But fear is a mental attitude and as such can be converted into something else. Fear is the reverse mental attitude to faith, and is a result of the lack of faith. Fear brings limitation and lack in its wake and destroys the happiness and possibility of a greater degree of livingness to those who suffer from it.

Fear blocks the more complete givingness of the Spirit to Its highest form of manifestation on this planet, which is mankind. Fear arises from that mental attitude which limits the possibility and the willingness of Spirit to give us the good we wo greatly desire. The is nothing wrong in the desire for self-expression. God is more completely expressed through the man who lives largely than through the one who lives meagerly.

Fear is a belief in limitation, a denial that the Divine is the Center and the Source of all good. We must so all in our power to overcome it. “Perfect love casts out fear;” that is, confidence overcome the depression of doubt. Mental depression can produce physical and financial depression. The psychology of economic cycles proves this. In the midst of plenty humanity live in want, because of fear. To overcome fear is the greatest adventure of the mind of man. 

We should contact a larger field of faith. This is done by understanding that God is the giver and the sustainer of human life and expression. God is all there is. He if Substance and Supply. We must learn to accept this. If it is God’s pleasure to give us the Kingdom then it should be our privilege to accept the gift.

Ernest Holmes “Science of Mind” page 404

Complete Confidence 

My confidence in the All Good is complete.

My faith in the Power of Spirit is supreme.

I have no doubts nor uncertainties.

I know that Good is at hand, and

I realize that no fear can hinder

That Good from making Its appearance in my life and affairs.

I know that my Life and Good are complete.

Evil cannot touch nor hinder my work.

I rest in security, for


I am serene and confident.

 Ernest Holmes “Science of Mind” page 532

Ernest Holmes, Founder of Religious Science and Author of “Science of Mind”.

Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, NM 

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  • When we believe the lie, we are giving into the enemy. When we have faith, we believe the truth and our Creator.

  • Great read, thanks for sharing.

  • Peace be with you my friends.  Whatever we may face, through trials and hardships, know that there is a God.  He and he only has supreme control and final judgment.  Fear no evil neither be made afraid but continue on in faith.  God bless. 

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