Another Million Dollar moment. As I was going through knocking off another 7-8 year procrastination project off my “Million Dollar Day List,” I came across a manuel  (which is about 10 years old or older) I had put together for our team in another business venture. I was using Tony Robbins “Personal Power” material but I wrote an opening to the booklet. After reading it, I decided to place it on a blog because the information is still very true and powerful. Enjoy the ride and excuse the word “manuel” (I didn’t want to change anything).

The purpose behind this manuel is to help those lost champions regain the championship that most of them lost at a young age.

Think back when we were a young child. Most kids dreamed of being a doctor, a lawyer, professional athlete, a person that put out fires, a person that up holds the laws, running our own company and for some; running the country as the President. Along the road somewhere, those dreams were beaten out of us. A lot of the people that beat us down, didn’t mean to; but because of their limited sources to drive us, they failed us.

Take this illustration for example: as children, we were the champions of the world. We felt like there was nothing, we couldn’t do. We stepped into the ring (life) and took on “all comers”. Unfortunately for us, most of the people that stepped into the ring to face us were our parents, teachers, family and friends, the people we loved and respected the most. They threw punches at us that we were NOT prepared for, “you will never amount to anything,” “let’s start dealing with reality,” “only the rich can have those type of things and as you can see, we’re not rich,” “you have to take advantage of people in order to succeed,” etc. They didn’t realize that every time they hit us with a punch, our legs began to wobble and wobble. Eventually, the champion fell to the floor.

In this manuel, we will revisit the champion and let them know that it is okay to get off the floor. The people that hit us are no longer controlling our futures (unless we allow them to). We will help the champion understand how different experiences and the “decisions” that were made behind those experiences (our perception of those experiences), have shaped our lives and will continue to shape our lives; unless we take control. If the decisions were good, that’s great. We want to deal with the decisions that we made that were not good for the champion.

When we finish, the person who started this manuel will not be the same person when they put it down. We will show them how to take control in every aspect of their lives.  Help them understand that the wealth they are looking for is inside of them. We will help them awaken the champion and begin: “Fighting Our Way Back To Regaining Our Championship!!!”

It ain’t right. It ain’t wrong. It is my opinion.

Your Uplifting Life Partner

Ron “Simplified” Myers

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