Following The Trend: What is Happening

I came across a Kevin Harrington's video  that inspired my IBO press release.

Mr. Harrington has a knack for being in the right place at the right time. He certainly was when he attended IPRONetwork's event last year as a speaker. After doing his due diligence he decided he wanted in and is now the face of IPRONetwork. He has so far promoted the business in Asia and a number of other countries Around the Globe. There are plans to promote it on his shopping network.


What is IPRONetwork?

IPRONetwork is a Business, built around education in e-commerce, e-learning, e-currency and e-trade recently added.

What do they offer?

At the moment there are 5 packages and unlike most other businesses when you purchase one of their packages there are no monthly fees except in one case where it comes fully loaded and all you do is market after branding it to you. T

This is quite possibly your best business offer if you want to set up like a Shopify Store. You don't have to source products and products will change according to the Season, and that's not all! Among other things like not dealing with customers and setting up Merchant accounts your earnings from sales is deposited directly into your bank account.

You can register with the business and if you are a US citizen can access the Free shopping App and shop at the thousands of store you already shop at and get a rebate in procurrency (PROC).

I will continue in a moment but let me pause to tell you what is Procurrency. IPRONetwork partnered with a company to use Procurrency (PROC) as their ecurrency of choice for use in purchasing, high end products for deep discounts, on their Mall soon to be launched.  IPRONetwork has aquired 3 International Companies bringing with them milllions of quality products, and which is expected will be listed on the Mall.   Following the Trend.

How do you get procurrency?

IPRONetwork Do Not sell any crypto currencies.  To acquire Procurrency you will have to 

purchase it from one of the exchanges like Cryptopia. Procurrency is listed on about 4 to 5 Exchanges As an aside: You may have observed that Bitcoin has fallen in price recently, but we are not panicking because it will rise again. When Bitcoin  takes a dive, because it owns 50% of the currency or share market it affects other cryptocurrencies.  Having said that if you want to own some Procurrency now is a good time to buy. It is about 4.3 cents.

To reiterate: 

Register and get your FREE shopping App go shopping.

If you would like to promote the product packages that IPRONetwork offers, you pay a annual administrative  fee of $50 referred to as an ISA. You can then promote any of the products and earn 10% in commission. 

Should you wish to purchase the the Basic Product Package it will cost you a one-time payment of $100 plus the annual administrative fee. This package is called Arbitrage.

Abitrage is simply buying a product in one market and simultaneously selling it in another market at a higher price, gaining profit from a  difference in prices.  - Suitable for drop-shipping. This is what you get:

  • Automated Marketing – No paid marketing required by members.
  • Step By Step Instruction – Access to over 120 easy to understand training resources.
  • Expert Guidance – A team of professionals assists members with store setup.
  • Group Buying Power – Access to name brand products at below wholesale discounts... and more.

Just one other thing. When you purchase any of the product packages (until its fazed out) you are rewarded 100% in points as a thank you for purchasing the package.

What can you do with the points? You can transfer it to you Pro Wallet and from there convert it on the exchange for procurrency and cash out or hold to use for purchase from the Mall

Imagine therefore what you could be getting with the the other product Packagess

Follow the Trend and what is happening. To find out more and get the details Go Here

Cosmos Parris



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  • Hello Cosmos, thank you for sharing how this works. It will be interesting to see all the quality products coming to the virtual mall. Please keep us posted. Have a wonderful day.

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