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"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But fool me three times?”

In an effort to keep in balance we must sometimes remove our heads from the clouds and look down at our path.  Bessie Mathis

“Wow, this is great, this will make me some money and I can fund some other opportunities with the income from this venture”.  Who has not thought that? 

We want to ‘imagine’ our dreams coming true.  We want to always be positive and we want to be certain our plans to meet our goals will work out.  And when we find that we have not kept our balance, we have not done our ‘due diligence’ and have believed a lie – what then?

Cleanup is a **.  Admitting a colossal mistake is even more than embarrassing, it is sometimes debilitating.  Making errors because we took a risk is human.  When you stop and think about it we are engaged in a crap shoot.  All we can do is take a calculated risk as much as we can.  Through thought, investigation and logic we can gain a better place of reference to proceed in the direction of our goal.  But, who  can argue that something that we cannot measure, something that is invisible and almost inexplainable is what will assure our success.  We must have ‘faith’, assurance, certainty.  That is what keeps us moving toward our dreams.  Our belief that we can get there keeps us on the course. 

So we believe that ‘scams and ripoffs’ will not happen to us because we are somehow immune to it.  We have our heads in the clouds. We don’t want any part of negativity.  But, is exercising common sense, being negative?

We feel that we are going against the grain when warned and are more adventurous than the ‘rest’.  We do not see that we are really part of a large group of people who are ‘happily’ being fleeced. 

So, now naked of our wooly dollars, we must look down and see our feet on solid ground.  We must not just stand and feel sorry for ourselves we must continue on our journey, having learned one of many lessons.  We can go ahead and feel the anger and allow it to run its course.  Then we must go on.

Because no matter what has happened, we have not lost ourselves.  We have only lost some money.  In my case, it was more ‘virtual money’ than cold hard cash.  Nevertheless, finding that I could not make a withdrawal, and could not buy ‘premuim’ ads with interest made from ‘basic’ ads was a rude awakening.

You may contact me and I will be glad to share with you the name of the company who is making money offering interest which turns out to be only ‘virtual’. 

I have a list of sites you may want to use to investigate companies you are thinking about joining.  A very savvy woman, Terri Pattio advises “Always look for the policy and procedures for affiliates.  Look for the company agreement.”  When you find it she says “start reading from the last paragraph and up, because all their stumbling blocks will be towards the end”.    You can find Terri at https://syndicationexpress.ning.com/


https://www.ripoffreport.com/ is one that Terri recommends.

A fellow marketer on EasyHits4U, the data king, recommended the ones below.

#1) Website Safety Check = http://websafetycheck.com 

#2) Whois = http://whois.domaintools.com 

#3) Webutation = http://www.webutation.net 

#4) Nortonsafeweb = http://safeweb.norton.com 

 Hopefully these will help you too.


We want to protect ourselves while keeping balance.  We never want to lose our wonder at the dreams we have.  Don’t lose your dreams, don’t allow any setbacks to make you stop pursuing them.  If you can stomp a ‘scammer’ do it, but don’t fall into despair over their mechanisms.  Keep on toward your dreams and as much as it depends on you, be honest, be vigilant and be courageous.

Bessie Mathis


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Comment by Stephen Edgecombe on February 25, 2014 at 6:58am

Yes, one must be careful with the company you choose to get involved with. Proper investigation is a must!

Great advice! Thanks Bessie!

Comment by Stephen Edgecombe on August 12, 2013 at 11:41am
Thank Bessie for your enlightening post. I am sorry for your loss. Unfortunately, we live in a fallen world where the unscrupulous still roam. We definitely cannot let fear, disappointment or discouragement steal our dreams. I stand on the promise that "God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, of love and a sound mind." Let's use wisdom, careful investigation and evaluation before we make decisions; but let's pursue our dreams! Blessings
Comment by Julie Klein on July 25, 2013 at 3:27pm

Excellent post Bessie!  You touched on several important mistakes many of us have made.  Your suggestions are also very helpful.

Comment by Terri Pattio on April 28, 2013 at 7:33am

I believe many people don't have a clue that they can use Google to do it. However there is the MLM Watchdog and Ripoffreport.com These are two that I use when I want to check out a company, they will let you know about the scam companies and give you the proof as well. You can make your decision based on what you find out. There's no need to be wasting time and money on fraudulent people. 

Comment by Bessie Mathis on April 27, 2013 at 11:17pm

Another source from Data King scamadviser

Comment by Dr. Dora Gray on April 20, 2013 at 9:33pm

Thank you for this post. I agree with Terri that it is the hype which can lure people into the trap. Doing our due diligence cannot be overemphasized.  Great post and sound advice from all.

Comment by Merle Gibbins on April 18, 2013 at 11:02am

Great post Bessie, with some great information and advice, especially really helpful for newbies or people that have been scammed in the past.

Comment by Bessie Mathis on April 18, 2013 at 10:03am

Terri I cannot thank you enough for this platform.  When a person just wants to honestly tell their story, not a bash session against a particular product of other person - but just tell the story to warn, to educate, to own their actions - they can do it here.  I am very grateful for that.  Cheryl Hamer, Deana Hodell, Dr F Gianmichael Salvato, and Dennis Thorgesen you have truely blessed me with understanding, advice, and compassion.  We do learn and we do clean up our messes when we make them.  I hate clean up so I try not to make them in my home, and learning to clean up these business messes is teaching me not to make them in the first place, again.  I agree with Terri Dr F, that webinar idea is needed and doable.  And the people who need it will be there because they recognize their need.

Comment by Cheryl Hamer on April 18, 2013 at 9:31am

Advice everyone should pay close attention to.  Thanks for reminding us that there are people out there who are waiting to take everything we've got without blinking an eye.   

Comment by Terri Pattio on April 18, 2013 at 6:21am

Most scams are built on HYPE and this is the way they lure people in. It's like fishing, you need bait to catch fish. The HYPE is the bait and they reel you in to their scam. In order to avoid the hype, you must read the policies and procedures or terms of agreement before you join. If you can't find the P&P's or the TOA, this is a big red flag. Run, run, run the other way. Your contract must be made available for you before you join any business opportunity.

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