Forgiveness - A Requirement!

Forgiveness is essential for good human relationships.

You must forgive some one who has wronged you in order for you to be forgiven.  It's impossible to hug someone with your arms folded.  There are times when doing nothing will demand much greater strength than taking action.3818709694?profile=original

Maintaining your composure is quite often the best evidence of "power".  There was once a great leader that even under their vilest and deadliest of charges responded with deep, unbroken silence.  In fact, His silence was so profound that it caused His accusers and spectators to wonder in awe.

Even when it came down to the greatest insults, some of the most violent treatment and even mockery which would bring righteous indignation to the weakest of hearts, He still responded with voiceless, confident calmness.

If you are ever unjustly accused or mistreated without a cause, remember that the tremendous strength which is necessary to keep silent is within you.

It is to our own benefit to forgive those who have come against us in some manner because the weight of unforgiveness weighs you down.  It can be a tremendous load to carry for anyone who is suppose to be in any type of leadership position, whether, mom, dad, teacher, preacher, business owner, etc, et al.

You see,unforgiveness leads to bitterness, which is a deadly misuse of the creative flow from above.  You may not have realized this, but;  "A Chip on the Shoulder Weighs a Ton."

3818709792?profile=originalWe are called to Build Bridges, not burn them.  Always remember that Revenge and Vengeance are poor traveling companions.  When you try to "get even" with someone, be assured that it will cause imbalance and unhappiness in your life.

Men may misjudge your aim
Think they have cause to blame,
Say, you are wrong;
Keep on your quiet way,
There's only one Judge, not they,
Fear not, Be Strong...

Forgiveness gives you a spring in your step and a second wind in the race of life.

"Forgiveness is a gift, you give yourself."  Tony Robbins

"Forgiveness is not something we do for other people.  We do it for ourselves to get on and move on."

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  • Not forgiving someone doesn't hurt them ... it hurts only you. None of us is perfect.  If we want to be forgiven, we need to forgive others.  Thanks for sharing this excellent blog, Angela.

  • I normally do Angela but it is harder for me.

  • Excellent post Angela. Forgiveness IS essential.

  • Thank you Terri and Merle for your wonderful comments and shares.  Merle, when it comes to our children, sometimes you just have to repent after you set someone straight:)  Have a great weekend ladies.

  • This was an excellent post Angela.  I am also a very forgiving person but I will say that anyone who hurts my children then I can't be that forgiving.  Thanks for sharing.

  • Top Member

    Awesome Angela. I enjoy reading your post and will continue to do so, you just keep on being you and keeping it real. I'm glad that you are a part of this community. The Bible says love one another as you love yourself. The same is true when speaking about forgiveness. If you expect God to forgive your transgressions, then you certainly must do the same. God is the only one to judge people for their transgressions and sins.  I have shared your post Angela. Keep up the great writing dear. 

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