In Question

Sometimes I look at myself and see a fragile

old woman, returned to grasp onto

something she never had. Perhaps memories

take me back to something I never knew,

yet somehow it is close at reach…

There are times when I see a beautiful

woman, full of life and vibrant, yet not knowing

where to turn or where to look for refuge

and with that I see myself.

An old mind of memories, wrapped up in a body so much younger and alive.

The two they clash, with what was and what is, a battle of promise began in life,

I have now until to the finish, to reach what I had then.


In Between

When that happens and only then, I will be


I will be content within, when she has found

her return, and the young beautiful woman

will find scope to progress and live as one.

I shall be free and have peace and harmony

this fragile old woman.



27 years later looking at oneself.


I am here in this time the old woman that I see in the mirror

not so old to be old, but old enough to not be young.


In Time

The beautiful girl has vanished and the dark

hair has changed it’s colour, the skin is no

longer smooth and soft, and the body no

longer firm and slim.

But I am still here the thoughts, the

memories grasping something I still do not

know what is.

Time has been hard, and life has indeed had

it’s moments but my life is still in tact.

My mind is still alive and my thoughts still

take me places I can only write about.

I have lost, I have lived, I have cried, I have

laughed, I have been and somewhere

imprinted in some stone is the cast of my presence.

I shall remain here until time no longer exists,

perhaps buried under soil or sand, perhaps at the ocean floor.

Like this stone I shall tumble and roll with the flow of

the waves at my side, waiting for a new soul to handle this moment, this journey,

this embrace of eternity.


I have Laughed

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  • This is profound, Rhonda and Chris.  Thank you.  

  • This is profound, Rhonda and Chris.  Thank you.  

  • Loved the video Rhonda and you could have been talking about me because that is what I thought after seeing your title.  Excellent, thanks for sharing.

  • Top Member

    Always a pleasure to read your post in the SE community. Your topics are always interesting and keeps me reading until the end. That's says a lot about you. You are definitely a valued member here.  Thanks again and it has been shared so more can see and read. Have a great day and week ahead.

  • Hi DeAnn, thank you, were glad you enjoyed reading the post, happy weekend!

  • Hello Rhonda, very good PR thanks for sharing. Enjoyed reading. Have a wonderful day
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