"FREE" Sells

"FREE" Sells!!


We all like to get something for free, or at least we would like to think we are getting something for free. I have found that free incentives are a very powerful tool. In Xpress Healthcare we offer a "FREE" prescription discount card. It really is "FREE" in fact you can download it, no strings attached and use it for your prescriptions. Xpress Healthcare does this in hopes that people will see the great discounts Xpress Healthcare offers and will want to join to experience our other savings. 

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Just about every company has or should have an incentive to get people interested. Joy To Live has their coffee. We regularly give out "FREE" samples. Once people smell the rich aroma, and experience the boost it gives you to start your day, they will be more likely to buy more!

Now at HomeTec we like to offer our clients vacation incentive certificates. Like 3 day/2 night hotel stays or Inclusive trips to Hawaii. It's been a great motivator to get people to sign up and stay signed up. Every quarter we just present them with a new certificate for customer retention. It really does work! 

So know I'm going to offer you another "FREE" incentive. Just "like" my facebook page. Choose which certificate you want and privately message me your email address and which one you want. If you refer a friend, have them message me that they were referred by you and I'll let you chose another certificate. 

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