From the Ashes – I Rise!

There’s never a time when you have gone down so far that you can’t “rise from the ashes” of a negative situation.


“Though I have fallen, I will Rise.”–Micah 7:8

It’s time to start seeing your failures as an important investment in future knowledge.   Be assured that you have paid too much to get to where you are in order to understand what you know, to quit now.

Every time you plan, risk, fail, re-evaluate and adjust, you will then get another opportunity to begin again.   This time though, will be even better than the last time for sure.

Realize that every problem in life has a solution.  Problems exist because these problems are indications that there is a necessity to improve on everything that people think about or do.

Allow faith to be backed by action, then new ideas will appear to help you improve on whatever it is you are doing.

It’s a fact that any constant effort provided in the right direction will ultimately produce good results.  This is also why the correct type of practice leads to perfection.  You’ve heard the saying:  ”Practice makes Perfect.”

Keep learning, keep growing, keep producing.

Remember:  “God helps those who help themselves.”

Everything that you truly desire in life, can be accomplished when you truly believe that it can be done.  It’s a truth that if you desire  and ask for what is right and proper you will receive what you desire at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner.

If you don’t “ask” – you won’t “receive.”




If you truly want to delivered from the ashes of any given situation, say to yourself in faith and belief, “I rise.”  Knowing that with God’s help, “All things are possible.”

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Angela Valadez
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  • You don't get what you pray for.  You get what you believe you receive when you pray.  Thanks for sharing this Angela.

  • Great read Angela and so true, if you don't ask you don't get !!

  • Top Member

    This is great Angela. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and I'm sure many more will enjoy it too. Shared this post massively on the web.

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