Frugal Friday Blog Round-Up 26 December 2014


A Weekly Recap

Happy holidays everyone! I hardly can believe 2015 is almost here. I have so much to be thankful for and am very happy to continue to connect and get to know so many awesome people online as yourself. Today I want to share some blog posts I have recently read from some awesome bloggers.

My first mention today is from Kalen Bruce over at Money Mini Blog. Kalen wrote a very interesting article that talked about the 5 Game Changing Things You Don’t Know about Millionaires. I found this post interesting as he described some of the things that many millionaires have in common. I found some of these traits to be very interesting and it gave me a different insight on things like hard work and focus. Head on over to his blog when you get a chance.

I was over a blog called Don’t Pay Full and read a post from Oana Schneider called Warning: Read the Price Tag! What Does it Really Say about the Product. I really enjoyed this article. It spoke about some of the techniques pricing and marketing experts use to lure us in without us even really giving it much thought. Very interesting post indeed.

Erik Emanuelli from Smart Marketerz wrote a very powerful post called 7 Tips to Increase Page Views and Decrease the Bounce Rate on Your Blog. I have read many of his posts and this one was very profound. He gave some really good tips on how we as bloggers can have better engagement and keep visitors on our blogs longer. I urge everyone to implement his tips immediately.

Natalie Bacon wrote a post over at Making Sense of Cents called You are the Average of the 5 People You Spend the Most of Your Time With – Choose Wisely. This post speaks to how our environment has a huge impact on who we become. A very interesting article that is worth reading for sure.

I was over at Enemy of Debt and I read a very good article from Maria Nedeva on 10 Rules to Keep in Mind When You Borrow Money. Talking about powerful! For some reason this article struck me. Probably because I was in deep debt at one point. Definitely make sure you check out this article.


Well my friends that is it for today. I hope you take the time to visit each one of these awesome blogs. Have a wonderful and Frugal weekend ahead!


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