Game of Thrones

Before I watching the Game of Thrones, I have read the book A Song of Ice and Fire. I love this novel because the unique structure, the vast field of vision, the plot is strewn at random and vivid language. As I heard the news that the novel will be adapted into TV series, I am looking forward to that. Also Martin said the play was loyal to his work. After watching this TV drama, I was impressed by the actors acting and the gorgeous special effects. More intuitive than read fiction and more stronger in pictures.

Winds in winter will come, the king has regained consciousness, follow or die. In that world, everyone must strive hard to struggle, to choose, try to find their path to go, and in the difficult process, everyone need to look at people one by one into his own life, finally looking at they leave us in different ways, we gradually forget or permanent long forever stay in our life, our hearts, even if they are not in this world. That is just our life. The also marks the milestone moment that the orthodox epic fantasy drama appeared in the TV online.

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  • I have never read the book but have seen the movie. I loved the movie. Nice post shying. Shared for you.

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