Generating Leads with Your Lead Magnet

Generating leads is the first priority with your online business, but it’s important that you understand how to invest your time wisely as you get started. You can’t just start with a bunch of methods to get leads otherwise you’ll get overwhelmed rather quickly and you’ll find that you can’t keep up. What is the best way to start acquiring leads for your business?

It really all depends on what you are most passionate about. If you have been studying how to set up your online business you probably have a method you have been researching for a while to see what you think. Those that enjoy using social media tend to lean towards social media for their primary marketing method. These are the folks that tend to enjoy interacting with people most and getting to know more about their audience.

Those folks that want to take a quieter approach and have more funds to work with tend to lean towards paid marketing with AdWords, Craigslist and other paid methods like Bing Ads or even banner ads. You just might discover that your preferred method for generating leads has more to do with your personality than you think. However, it’s important as a marketer that you create a lead magnet to help you attract more leads to your website or blog, and I am going to give you some easy and inexpensive ideas on how to do this.

Generating Leads with a Free Lead Magnet

One of my favorite ways to start generating leads is with a lead magnet. This simply means that not only are you drawing attention to something you are offering, but you are doing so for free. This means it costs you nothing or very little and it doesn’t cost the customer anything either. This is purely about generating interest which in turn generates leads for you.

Think about how many websites you have been on and how many ads you get bombarded with on a daily basis. You probably feel as though you have severe information overload right? I can’t say I enjoy all of that. I like to surf the web when I look for information without being stopped by another blinking ad that appears to be studded in glowing, neon lights!

Getting leads means that you offer something of value upfront. A few ideas that I like and always recommend including:

  • Free newsletter-You can let your readers know more about you and how you can help them. Always make it about your readers!
  • Free downloadable PDF that is a resource guide-Depending upon who your target audience is, this could be a resource guide about lead generation. Maybe you want to teach others how to start an online business too. Maybe you want to teach others about nutrition to sell a nutritional product. Give them information!
  • Giveaway a product-Depending on the type of business you have started this could be easy but it could also be costly. For online marketers you can do a quick training audio that people can download. It could be about how to get leads! It could also be about how to be more attractive on social media and engage more with your audience. There are tons of possibilities, but it will take time for you to figure it out.

Now do you see how this works? Can you see why lead generation is so important? Ultimately, it’s all about getting to know your audience, and in the process you’ll give ‘em what they want. Don’t be afraid to try to new things as you go along. Remember, it’s all about cultivating interest and it’s about getting to know people.

I hope that you found some great value in this lesson today, and that you’ll check back often for more help with your business. Before you can blink an eye, you’ll discover that you’ll be able to start generating leads easier and faster than you ever imagined! 

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  • Thanks for these excellent tips for getting leads, James.

  • This is excellent advice James and always good to have a freebie giveaway that is going to be of value.  Great tips and advice.  Thanks for sharing.

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    James I am in total agreement with your post and this is great tips you have shared for internet and network marketers. Shared via Syndication Automation and Google plus. Have a great day and week ahead.

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