Give Respect To Customers

Give Respect To Customers

 I started working at a young age and what I learned then is the same now. You should always give others respect.
Even your customers should always get respect from you always if you would love for them to come back. Demanding or forcing someone to order from you or join you in your business is the wrong way to do business. Giving respect is how you earn trust with your customers, That is very important,for your business to grow that should always be part of your thing is to be very respectful even if others are taking their time on debating on what to do.
I know someone who is very demanding. She would go in a store and look in other people's baskets and tell them they need to
put their sweets away or sodas and Join plexus. That to me is very rude. I don't like to be rude to others. 

I wanted to share some stories:

I ended up getting sick this week, with a stomach virus. Doc said more people are coming in with it. I had to go to walmart
 to get my medications. There was a customer he was waiting on his order also. His ordered some how got messed up so he was
 there longer. They had mine ready for me and he would not let me pay. He said no she can wait I was here first. They were
 in the back filling his and was almost done and he would not move so I could pay so I gave her my card from another 
window. I didn't say a word to him. I just said thank you and have a bless evening to the cashier. 

I don't demand anything from anyone. Helping you get what you need is the key to a healthier life. I enjoy helping others,
I enjoy meeting others from all over. I have met people and just chat about the difference of our areas we live. I love to
 travel so learning about other places is interesting to me. 

I used to work as a security guard a few years ago in san diego. I was working grave one night and got bored so I called
my phone company about upgrading my cell. The operator who took my call he cracked me up. He asked you like elevator music?
I said sure I don't mind. He started singing what's love got to do with. haha I started laughing I said what are you doing?
He said he was looking up some information for me and wanted to give me something to listen to while I wait. 

More testimonies to share with you:

Barbara's testimony- I used the body cream for a heat rash that I've had off and on for years. It's completely gone.

Renae's testimony- My daughter is 3, she has it on her belly and thighs. 1 got infected and had to be lanced, she had a 
nasty purple scar on her belly until we used the body cream, I am very amazed at the difference it has made. Well worth 
the money.

Amanda says ~ I started plexus slim July 1st ,2013 half thinking it would not work because all the failed attempts at
 weight loss products in the past!! I signed up as an ambassador right away so I could get the product a discount price.
 When I started plexus I was desperate to lose weight because I had just had a baby 3 months prior to hearing about the 
product and had a lot of weight to lose since I got pregnant when I was overweight. I also wanted to impress my husband 
who was deployed at the time for 6 months he had never seen me"skinny", since the day I met him my weight has steadily 
climbed. I started plexus weighing 183 lb my goal was to get down to 145 before my husband returned home in November as 
of November 1st I weighed 130lb and i have managed to keep the weight off I now fluctuate between 131-129 I have exceeded
 my goal by 15lb I absolutely love plexus! It has changed my life! I feel amazing! I now can fit Into the jeans I wore in
 high-school and the crazy thing is there to big when I started plexus I wore a size 31-32 jeans my goal was to get into 
a size 28-29 (high school size) I now wear a size 26 comfortably! Plexus has exceeded all my expectations and has blown
 me away with the results I have seen in just 5 months. 56lb LOST!!! Thank you plexus!!
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  • Loved these stories DeAnn, thanks for sharing.

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    You know what you know DeAnn. That's good to know that I am with smart professionals like you. I am sharing for more to see, know and read this post.

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