God Has Given You What You Need

What You Need In The Eyes Of God

What You Need In The Eyes Of God



Do You Feel You Don’t Have What You Need?

Sometimes we feel as though were not where we should be at this point in our lives.You start thinking “why don’t I have that new car or new house”.The truth is God gives you what you need when you need it.



So don’t worry if you feel like your not where you think you should be in your life.Don’t worry if your business is not succeeding in the time period you wanted.God will give you what you need when you need it.



If your not seeing the success in your business at this time in your life or if have not got that job promotion you have been praying for.The reason is,it is not what you need at this point.



When you need it,God will give you what you need as soon as you need it.Look at from another point of view.Suppose you have what you need but your really not ready for it.



Think about that for a minute,lets say you got that job promotion that required other skills that you have not really mastered at this time and you got that job and then it was cut short because you did not have what you need.



I believe you would rather have what you need before winning that promotion,then to have won and lost it all.See the point I’m getting at.



Trust God To Give You What You Need



Have faith and trust in God to give You what you need when you need it.



As for myself,I remember a time I really did not have the mindset and thought process in my business to really succeed.



In my current business I was pitched time and time again.But I believe it took my sponsor who was unique among all others to provide me with the leader I needed.



So don’t pray for that million dollar payday or that new new car or house.Instead pray and trust in God to provide you with what you need.Like the skills involved or to meet that special person that will help you achieve those goals.



Timothy Eller



Maybe What You Need To Boost Your Business And Life Is Empower Network


I can’t really Say,that is for you to decide…

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