God is the only Power and Presence

The Daily Meditation 09.15.2013

God is the only Power and Presence

Ruzande Malunga, RScP


There is only one Life Essence breathing Itself through all. As I embrace the Life Essence as my own, I gratefully  remember God is the only Power and Presence. This realization opens the way for goodness of every kind to  fill my experience.

I am vitality and physical ease. I am abundant supply. I am intelligent,creative self-expression. I am loving and loved.

I enjoy peace of mind and harmonious unfoldment. This is the whole Truth of me , within the core of  my spiritual, mental and physical being is God, and I am not all of Spirit, but Spirit is all of me. Knowing this is the Truth of who I am, I  accept right now the movement in consciousness of total acceptance and embodiment of right thinking.

I give great thanks for eternal Truth and daily use of  my inner power and so it is.


Ruzande Malunga is a Practitioner at the Rio Grande Center For Spiritual Living, Albuquerque, NM

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