Going On A Blind Date

Going out on a blind date

  When I was working at a casino yrs ago I was friends with alot of security outside. I

 was the shuttle driver for the graveshift. One of the guys kept asking me to go out

 with a guy that was a guard inside the casino. After days of him telling me how great

 this guy was I agreed to go after work one morning. I agreed to go with him to his

 house thinking he was just wanting to change out of uniform. Turns out he wanted  his mama to go out on our breakfast date as well.
I had no idea we were waiting on her or that she was even going. She drove and gave

 me 20 questions on my life. I wanted to go home after dating him and his mama haha

 but they kept telling me I could sleep in the one bed with him and go back to work

 then. I said no I have bills I need to go pay and I have things that need to get done

 before I go back to work.They only have one bed in the house so when she was

 saying I could sleep there I was thinking, all three of us going to fit in that one bed?

  He was taking me home and he tells me I better get home like mama says and get

 some rest before work I said yea you better listen to your mama. Went to work that

 night and the guys were telling me this guy never brushes his hair before work. I said

 his mama is in bed when its time for him to go to work so she's not up to dress him right. 

Turns out he went out on a date again with his mama and some girl. Again she gave

 her 20 questions on her life. I was told mama liked my answeres better then this girl

 and wanted me to date her son. I said no way! I will not date him and his mama

again. I wanted to ask her if I was on an interview or what? haha I'm to nice I just let

 her give the questions and hope I answered right haha I told my friend don't ever set me up with anyone again. 

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