Going To The Casino

             I wanted to share some secrets about gambling. Did you know that if your at the machines and you get an awesome spin and you get all happy and talk about that awesome spin the guys upstairs will tighten up that machine so it will not do well again?

If you talk about a game paying out or doing well in the bathrooms they will go and make sure that game you were playing before will not do well again. If you get on the phones to search for someone or call someone did you know they bug the phones as well?

That's right folks the casinos do not want you to win so they have the place bugged. I used to work at one and learned a few of their tricks. I was also a close friend with the plumber and he got in trouble for talking about his boss on the phone and he was told to watch what he says because the place is bugged. Did you know if they want to know where your at in the casino they have your pic and they can locate you when they want to search for you? 

I went to another casino and was playing and doing very well. A worker walked by my machine and said my number of the machine and the machine no longer was doing very well. 

I have a friend who loves to gamble but he talks about spins like their all jackpots even when they are not even a jackpot.

For an Example:

your on a penny machine and you get a spin and win $5 on that spin he will announce it like its big money.

I tell him you either get away from me or you hush about what my machine does. I get so mad when he sits near me. I tell him no that dollar was not a great spin it was just a dollar I won or whatever amount he gets excited over. 

I don't understand why people will spend every dime in the casino knowing after spending $100 and no machine is doing well, what makes you think spending a few more $100's going to make a difference?

You know people are so crazy in the casino they will pee or other on themselfs rather then go to the bathroom and come back?

You can ask others to watch your machine or put your chair up showing its taken but they still mess on themselves. 

 Some housekeeping ladies were cleaning and found a ticket in the machine. They took it out and was talking about it in the bathroom. Well they all got fired for not reporting it. Another hint bathrooms are bugged.

I was cleaning and had to go upstairs where the machines are, they watch how the machines are playing from the machines upstairs as well. 

So my guess is the casinos are not fair in the gambling!

I have a friend who worked at another casino and I was told the Indians have so many buildings and alot of money but yet no one ever wins at that casino. They have so much money they don't know what to do with it. I said let the players win would be a great Idea.

If you stay at the hotels of the casino remember they bug their areas to hear what you gotta say about the machines.

Good Luck if you gamble

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Thank you for reading and God Bless

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