Need some Google Traffic Tips That Will quickly Boost Your SEO Rankings?

Ranking in Google is still the metric that online marketers live and die by. If you can’t get the #1 spot for your target keywords then there is something you’re not grasping yet. Worry not though! These Google traffic tips will help you move in the right direction.

Diversify Your Media

This one of the least used Google trafficking tips. Everyone thinks that you just need to have a ton of articles on your site to rank. This will actually raise a red flag with the big G in many cases. A real, authoritative site is going to have a plethora of different media types. Make sure that you’re diversifying to prove that you’re not just another spammer.

Write Longer Articles



The old wisdom was that you only needed to write 300-500 word articles to begin building credibility within Google’s algorithm. There is a lot of debate over whether or not this was ever one of the useful Google trafficking tips; but you can bet that it doesn’t work now regardless. Longer, comprehensively researched articles are what is performing best now. So think less about quantity and more about quality!

Focus Your Links



From 2008 to 2011 link building resembled a free for all: you placed your links wherever they would stick and hoped for the best. Panda and Penguin killed that strategy. You need to be a lot more careful with where and how you build your links these days. Your best bet is to focus only on sites within your broader niche and to embed those links within useful, insightful posts. This seems like work; but the staying power (and brand building) makes the effort well worth it.

Implementing these tips aren’t the be all, end all. They are a great first step though so put them to work today!

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Angela Valadez

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