I just got introduced to a terrifically smart service that is providing me with a leg up on my advertising strategy. It’s a website called Follow.net, and it provides tons of data on traffic sources to any website… including top paid ads, ad sources, ad networks, and ad content.

And the best part is, most of this can be accessed for FREE!

There’s more available in the paid version, of course, but the free version provides tons of great information - and you can unlock even more when you refer others to use the site (for free, of course).

You can get your free account here.

Here’s the welcome email I got when I signed up:

“Hey there,

You are now a part of a family of progressive marketers who no longer have to do things the old and tedious way anymore. You now have access to our highly addictive but time saving 1-Click competitive and market intelligence system that automatically and instantly assembles all the relevant and actionable intelligence data for you to use…”


You can get your free account here.

I’ve included some screen shots of a search I ran on “empower network.com” to see what is succeeding for others. Note that, because mine is a brand new account (and I haven’t even sent a single referral to the site - at least not yet), my access to info is limited… but when you get your own free account, tons more info will get unlocked.

So check out the kind of data you can find on any site, any affiliate offer, etc. You can enter any website, including affiliate offer landing pages, and internet income programs, and see where, how, and exactly what people are advertising.








Again, this is only a glimpse of what’s available on Follow.net. Get your free account and play around with all the different ways you can use this information to improve your own marketing.

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  • Thanks David for sharing this information, interesting, have a bless weekend, liked and shared

  • Thanks David will have to check this out.

  • Thanks for sharing in detail this looks like amazing product.  Liked and Shared.

  • Thanks David,looks very interesting.

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    David I am putting it on my to do list and will check out tomorrow. Sounds like a great tool. Thanks for providing the information of what you get with a free account. 

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