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What does happiness really mean?

What effect does happiness have on our body?

Did you know that Our Genes Respond Positively to The Right Kind of Happiness.

All your questions that have been answered below.

Happiness on a cellular level


Happiness on a cellular level


It seems science has now discovered different levels of happiness on a cellular level.

Below I have included two inserts, one interesting article talking about the difference in what I call artificial happiness and true happiness, the other link is the results of some scientific research.

Instead of filling our lives with “things” that we think make us happy, we need to do some serious introspective questioning as to what really makes us happy, content and fulfilled.

Here is scientific proof telling us that we must eliminate those belief systemsthat don’t cater to our true needs.

The link below shows the results of a study: Authors

Two forms of happiness

Led by Barbara L. Fredrickson, Kenan, Distinguished Professor of psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the researchers looked at the biological influence of the two forms of happiness through the human genome. The link below shows the results of a study: Authors

A functional genomic perspective on human well-being

Participants in this study reported their levels of two different types of happiness:

  • Feeling good or hedonic happiness: the kind of happiness you get from buying those new shoes you wanted.
  • Doing good or eudemonic happiness: Happiness that comes from searching for meaning in your life, selfless acts of kindness.

Experiencing  both types of happiness felt equally happy. They discovered that for conscious experience, neither type of happiness beat the other.

Happiness on a cellular level

Stronger expression of antibody and antiviral genes

The difference showed however at the genetic level. Those with higher levels of ‘doing good’ happiness, showed a stronger expression of antibody and antiviral genes. What this means is that you are in fact healthier. You could say (and this is my interpretation of it) that your immune system is stronger.

So what does this mean? It means that real happiness, the happiness that comes from a deep level, happiness that brings  meaningful, thoughtful, purposeful emotions can actually make you healthier. Artificial happiness that fills the void for a short time, may feel good but there are no health benefits from it.

Human Body Distinguishes Between ‘Hedonic’ and ‘Eudaemonic’ Happiness on Molecular Level 

This is another interesting article from Nature world news. 

by Tamarra Kemsley

Happiness on a cellular level

Molecular level

Happiness On A Cellular Level 

This is where you need to stop and strip back all the beliefs of who you think you are and listen very carefully to your inner self, because even on a molecular level, the human body is able to distinguish between meaningful purpose versus simple self-gratification

Listen to what motivates you, listen to that inspiring self. Listen to your true self and discover what you need in order to be fulfilled, happy and peaceful.

Happiness on a cellular level


I think most people feel good when they are able to help others. No matter what material things we own, it is essentially communication with other human beings that gives us purpose in our lives.

“Philosophers have long distinguished two basic forms of well-being: a ‘hedonic’ form representing an individual’s pleasurable experiences, and a deeper ‘eudaemonic,’ form that results from striving toward meaning and a noble purpose beyond simple self-gratification,” wrote Fredrickson and her colleagues.

Happiness on a cellular level


Now I have to say I have never heard the two words before hedonic and eudaemonic but perhaps I should have. Teaching the meaning of happiness would be great in our education system, teaching people what one really needs to be happy.

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Be Happy.

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